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Baybayin Chesz Dylan

The Philippine Ancient Scripts: Baybayin

Black live matter christian perspective

Black Lives Matter: Does It Matter? A Christian Take On The Issue

Guilt: A Silent Form of Slavery - Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical Review

Guilt: A Silent Form Of Slavery – Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical Review

Happy Quarantine Mothers Day 2020

Happy Quarantine Mother’s Day 2020: What Better Gifts to Give for Moms


We are storytellers. We make, we break and re-create a cup of phrases and an ocean of words.
We are the witnesses of histories; passionate weavers of never-ending fictions and inspiring biographies.


We are making efforts to give our readers the contents they deserve. Much information had been published in the internet so as much as possible, we are giving our readers original contents. Chesz Dylan is just starting. We aim of becoming better in what we do by doing our passions to be a great influencer not only as an author. But as a visionary, we are doing our best in establishing Chesz Dylan as a compelling brand in the future.


We have different contents and categories to feed your mind.


A collection of thoughtful poems from various poets. Poems about life, love, heartbreaks, moving on and more.


Creative stories of various inspiring writers. Different narratives and expressions from different genres and topics.

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Kahit Bata Pa Ako: Benefit Project

23 Stories | 23 Writers
Buy “SKY Fiction 6th Anthology Book” and get the chance to help buy children school supplies this coming school year. Every purchase will go to the funds intended for the beneficiaries’ school supplies. 

All percentage sales of the book will be given to our beneficiaries. Three Barangays of Anao, Tarlac will be provided with school supplies.

Kahit Bata Pa Ako: Benefit Project


Guilt: A Silent Form of Slavery - Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical Review
Honestly, I have a liking for musicals. Given the right blend of songs, the performance and of course, the story ...
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INTRODUCTION I was actually thinking of making this comparison back then but I often forgotten. And I feel like, it's ...
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Breads and everything-with-flour-ingredient has been the staple food eaten by many people in all countires. For centuries, it has developed ...
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