Valentines Day

5 Perfect Gifts To Give This Valentines And The Importance Of The Occasion

lycklig Alla hjärtans dag, Hyvää ystävänpäivää, Alles Gute zum Valentins Tag, Valentines dydd yn hapus, Kekasih hari gembira, Joyeux Saint-Valentin, Masayang Araw ng mga Puso or Feliz Dia De San Valentin. These are words with the same meaning, but spoken in different languages — Happy Valentine’s Day!

A tradition that is mostly celebrated every 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is as special as an anniversary for married couples or in a relationship. Lovers tend to be aggressive and overly romantic during this day. It’s likely that you would bump into many couples along your way and if you are single, you’ll be dying in envy. For many, this is the only day where they can explicitly express their love to their crush or partner. In some countries, you won’t be surprised if hotels and restaurants are fully booked. That is, you know what comes next after the date, right? However, there are also couples who aren’t as enthusiastic and aggressive. There are anti-social couples out there who don’t bombard their newsfeed with their romantic getaways and cheesy Valentine ideas.

How Countries Differs in Valentine Celebration

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Japan has one of the most peculiar Valentine celebrations. It may be known to some, but in case you haven’t known, every Valentine’s Day, it’s the woman that gives chocolates or sweets to the guy. Sounds interesting? Well, while most of the countries’ traditions portrayed men as the shining armor, the gentlemen and romantic that give gifts to women, Japan, however, gave chances to women to show their creativity and artistry in chocolate making and wrapping by showing their affection to their guy crush, guys they admired or boyfriends (Honmei-choco). However, if you are the type of Japanese woman who doesn’t know how to bake, the only thing you can do is buy ready-made chocolates at the candy shops which you can give to your male office mates or guy friends (Giri-choco).


The Philippines

While most Filipinos tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day similar to Americans — with all the flowers, chocolates, eating at the restaurants, and booking for hotel suites, one thing that stands out in Philippine Valentine tradition is the Valentine event of the year. It may be a party like the sponsored event Loovapalooza, where couples kiss their partners simultaneously, or a government-sponsored event such as the grand mass wedding, where hundreds or thousands of couples come together for matrimony.



While most of us are celebrating Valentine’s Day specifically only during February 14th, This passionate nation managed to add a bit of spice to their tradition. Other than the one-day Valentine celebration, they have this whole week which they called the “Sweetness Week” sometime in July where kisses are exchanged for some sweet treats. Isn’t that sweeter?



South Africa followed the history of Valentine’s Day. Lupercalia, where it was celebrated as an ominous ritual for many centuries happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Thus, this ominous ritual consists of “sacrifice or act of sacrifice” became part of Valentine’s Day. While it’s still debatable and unclear for historians whether it has something to do with Valentine’s Day or if there is a relationship between the two, the Lupercalia festival is known as its earliest festival ancestor. The early festival was intended to enable fertility and is also associated with the matchmaking lottery, thus, why the correlation hypothetically existed.

Valentine’s Day was widely associated with St. Valentine, a Roman saint in the third century that was commemorated on February 14. He is the patron saint of epilepsy and his Saint’s day was traditionally associated with courtly love. Thus, where the celebration name originated. Today, we are celebrating this romantic occasion all over the world. What’s the best way to celebrate it is to give presents like chocolates and flowers to your loved ones.

However, as there were spikes of creativity among different individuals, there are other extraordinary gifts you can give to your partner or spouse without following the norm. These alternatives can add additional affection, or sweetness factors to the relationship.

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5 Perfect Valentine Gifts


Most women like to have their own scent. The scent that will be remembered by their partner or separate them from the other girls. With variants similar to the sweet smell of chocolate, velvety vanilla, or as fragrant as the flowers, it will surely attract leaving a lasting impression.

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Every women’s dream and men’s nightmare (pun intended). Shopping has been correlated to women and men shouldn’t dare to contradict. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a trendy dress, branded shoes, and bags, you name it. It’s every women’s must-haves. Give your girlfriends or wives a lot of lovin’ by giving them your credit card or some cash and you already survived the Valentine’s Day horror.


Books are great presents especially when the recipient loves to read. These are turn-ons for your bookworm partners whether your partner is into business books or fictional characters. Women tend to use journals than men, they are more organized when it comes to schedules and timely tasks than men.

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No more dinner dates at the restaurants or one night in hotels. Traveling together is beneficial for both of you. Will it be better to relax and escape the busy city life with your partner this Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s a local or flights international, being together while traveling will strengthen the relationship.

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Health is the most underrated concern of most couples. It’s always best to look your best and be at your best state. That way, both of you will become more confident with each other and live longer without being stressed out because of your relationship. Why not give your partner a new fitness machine, a supplement, a massage or enroll together for a new diet plan?

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Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t have to look grand and spend a lot of money. Your love isn’t defined by how much money you spent or how much is the present worth. Sometimes, couples don’t always need material things. And these non-materials things are priceless.

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What did you give your partner this Valentine’s Day? Share us in the comments below.


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Chivalry Should Not Be Dead


February 14, 2019. I am certain that every lovers and anyone who knows how to love knew this day. It is one of those dates that should never be forgotten, aside from of course, birthdays and anniversaries. It is the day where color “red” is rampant, images of heart in every corners of the streets and flooding in your social media feeds. The only day where hotels and motels are fully-booked, and restaurants are fully-reserved. Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day!

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Every year it is somehow part of the tradition to give chocolates and flowers to your beloved. For girls, some are liberated enough to take the initiative of giving their boyfriends a gift, rather than the norm. It is very common that you could see partners HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) everywhere. Believe me, unlike any ordinary days, it is only during Valentines that you will encounter overrated sweetness and PDA (Public Display of Affection) at the malls, at the parks, at the restaurants and going in the hotels. Excessive cheesiness alert for those who are single. (IKR?) So, you might think of cancelling your personal engagements if you are a single who isn’t comfortable on such sights.

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Just as how lovers dearly loved each other, it is also important to consider to be safe. How?  By keeping yourself protected. Recently, HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) cases has doubled if not tripled this last decade. Ages from 13-25 are the ages where high widespread of AIDS patients contracted the disease. Due to the liberation of the society, pre-marital sex and same sex has been common to the point where everyone is doing it. To the point where even at a young age, they are well-experienced. Just like a commodity that can be easily bought, at a cheap price. Keep yourself protected – use contraceptives and wear condoms. The generation today is so aggressive in love and courtship. Virginity today is never an issue, unlike during the 90s and early 2000s  where couples are more conservative and preferred the virgins as their spouses. Well, we might differ in opinion but affairs has been easy and more common nowadays. Thanks to the television shows and soap operas promoting affairs and divorces, the youths has been influenced (sarcasm intended).

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At the end of the day, it is your relationship. For girls, it is your body while for boys it is your chivalry. Keeping away from pre-marital sex and getting to know each other are still a few of the best practices in love and courtship.

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The Love of a Father


“Growing up without a father could permanently alter the structure of the brain.
Ben Spencer, The Daily Mail

A sad reality for children that grew up fatherless. Based on the research, growing up without a father have many psychological effects. Effects like suicidal tendencies, drug addiction, low self-esteem, school drop-outs or low educational attainment and behavioral problems like depression and anger. I, myself, can attest to this. It was the most depressing part of my life. I want to be clear on this matter first. I do have a father but I didn’t grow up having him beside me, so it makes sense to consider myself fatherless in a general perspective.

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People who knew me knows that I came from a broken family. I wouldn’t divulge on this matter more further. It was really hard growing up without your parent, especially your father. As a boy, a father figure is very important as it was supposed to be who you will look up to when you grow up. But unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. I was totally depressed and I kept it to myself. From depression it became a hatred. A hatred that I carried in my heart for almost my entire life. At first I thought, I should understand him because that is how it’s supposed to be? But no! We became so distant. So distant that I never knew him. The sad part was, he didn’t even try reaching out to me.

As I grew up in High School it was the most devastating part. I became suicidal. I cursed him so many times. My hatred was intensified. Adding the peer pressures and emotional torment. Of course, my friends, classmates and relatives thought I was okey. I was never okey! I am broken! Yes, my grandmother raised me well, but that isn’t enough. It was never enough! I was a kind and obedient boy because I was fragile, and I can’t do anything but to obey them.


If there’s one thing that I am thankful for is knowing God since I was young. I feared him that I am afraid to commit suicide even though I have that kind of mentality. He is one of the important reasons why I am still sane up until now. I have a choice. I can kill myself or use drugs. But I chose not to. And, it was also my sister’s advice that I will never forget.

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I became a father at the age of 22, it was until then that I learned one of the most valuable lessons in life and it really hit me hard. It was also the time that I learned and started to forgive my dad. It was tough and needs a lot of courage. But I realized that if I don’t forgive him, how will I become a great father to my daughter? No one will do it, it was an initiative that I must do. Not just for my daughter but most especially for me. I need it. I need to forgive him so I can move on from my bitter past.


“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” –John 3:16

Those were painful childhood memories, yes! It was part of me, that’s a fact. But you know what the good news is? I have overcome it, thanks be to God. Now that I have grown in faith, I realized that, that was just a grain of pain and sufferings compared to what God has done on the cross for myself, for ourselves. He is the perfect image of a father… faithful, generous, compassionate and loving. In fact, he offered his one and only begotten son to save us from our sins. He bore our infirmities and pains on the calvary. He is the father who will never leave us nor forsake us. He is the father who provides ALL our needs. And he is the father who loves us more than our earthly fathers and watches us 24/7.

Through God’s grace, I have forgiven my real father. Honestly, I cannot do it alone, I was on verge of hatred back then but God picked me up from there. The scar that my father did was permanent, so I thought. But No, if you completely gave your life to God he will do great and amazing things. As white as a snow, that permanent effect you once thought will just fade, together with all that painful memories. To God be the Glory!


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