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It’s October But I Don’t Feel The Halloween Vibe

Maybe Halloween is not for everyone. That’s how I see it.

It’s October again, but I can’t feel any excitement about the Halloween event. Well, we don’t have that tradition of trick or treating or the event itself. Somehow some of my readers could relate to this. I was born with a religious upbringing so that being said, I never had my fair share of ghost encounters or any paranormal events. However, despite the strong religious background even in my immediate family members and other relatives, some of them did have an encounter with these dead spirits. Unfortunately for me, well, Nah. I only had recollections of trying to mimic the spirit of the glass, improvised ouija board made out of paper, the spirit of the coin, ghost stories, and imitating other herbal doctors’ practices of calling spirit in a ritual.

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Spirit Of The Glass, Coins And Ouija Boards

One of the typical ghost hunting adventures during Halloween season or during ghost-related conversations. My cousins and I tried this ghost-encountering activity just like how we watched it from Hollywood movies. Of course, we were young, we were imaginative and full of curiosity back then. Since we can’t provide ourselves with the board or plywood for that matter, we would improvise. I forgot who raised the use of paper so we go along with it.
I don’t know the trick of how the glass is moving back then. My cousin who initiated to do some kind of copying the calling of the dead told us to lightly put our index finger on the edge of the glass and as we proceed to the passage the glass was actually moving. It’s a weird combination of fear, and the thrill of doing it despite that almost all of us don’t believe in such things.


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Ghost Stories

Reminiscing your childhood is fun especially if you lived in the suburbs, had funny experiences, and had done weird stuff even silly things. Even until today, whenever we had a get-together gathering of my cousins and close relatives, we tend to bring up these silly topics. Back in the day, we always watch television and movies, and since many films were shown were mostly action, drama, cartoons, and horror, so you will end up watching it all. It’s funny how some of us had a habit of watching horror movies and then afterward, someone will be pranked or someone is afraid even going down the kitchen and toilet.
On typical ghost story conversations, one of my cousins will tell that she/he saw a ghost, or he/she felt like someone moved past him/her, his/her spirit encounter and then all of us would have this goosebump feeling.


Imitating Herbalist Calling Rituals To Call The Dead

Remember the movies like Casper, Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, and The Blair Witch Project that started the “paranormal” trend? Those were the thing in the 90s. And every Halloween, expect to watch a movie marathon of either of these movies. Until Japanese-inspired horror movies came out and the likes of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings became a yearly movie release.

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Watching these movies, you will adopt some of its witches or spell-binding practices so you will definitely do it during playtime with your young homies. Unless you never had that “adventurous kid” in you during your youth. We will also imitate some herbal doctor practices which are, by the way, famous practices in suburbs and countrysides. Although it’s a pagan practice and has no medical support, many devotees and followers will get help from them before going to the hospital. They believed that a spell was cast on them, mysticism or some sort of pricking voodoo doll and stuff. I watched how it was done when I went there a few times. I was a sickly lad during my youth so my grandma used to bring me to a herbal doctor or at the hospital. Would you believe that my nickname was even changed because the herbal doctor said that it is wrong in my nickname and some sort of negative vibes in it that is making me sickly? Well, later when my nickname was changed and sold for one piece of coin, there wasn’t any change and I was still the sickly old me. That was a pagan belief whatsoever.

Probably, the best-known herbal doctor practice in remote areas is the divination ritual, where after some sort of prayer and spirit casting, the herbalist will drop some melted candle waxes on the water, believed to have formed a shape. Afterward, the herbal doctor will diagnose his patient through the outcome of the melted wax, that a certain individual or an evil spirit has inflicted the patient with something. Creepy ei?

Halloween Is Not My Cup Of Tea

Just because I never had some ghost encounters or some evil spirit manifestations from supernatural entities doesn’t justify my belief that there is no such thing as this ghost existence and alike. I grew up knowing the Christian doctrines and the Bible, so I can definitely say that my faith and belief in God might have something to do with. Although I know for a fact that there are Christians that do encounter ghosts from an early age up until now. So, Halloween is not one of the seasons that I looked forward to. But I appreciate those little kids wearing Halloween costumes and trick or treating and even those costume parties during Halloween where people get to wear anyone they want to imitate, sort of similar to cosplaying.

How do you feel now that Halloween is weeks from now? Do you have your ghost encounters and other childhood Halloween beliefs? Tell us in the comment.

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