Valentine Workshop: Ninety-nine Encounters


By Chesz Dylan

“Coming through! Excuse me!”

I heard a voice of a guy from behind me. He seems in a rush and looks like almost catching his breath, so I moved an inch at the corner and let him passed by me.

“Thanks Eresh! See you later after school.” I heard him saying. I furrowed my brows, trying to remember if I knew him. Somehow, this situation and this feeling seems familiar.

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“What am I thinking? He seems familiar, but where could I possibly met him?” My mind wanders thinking about that guy for the entire day. I looked at the wall clock. It was past 3 pm, and our class will be over in a minute. I asked my friend Jessica about the encounter, but even her couldn’t grasp what is in my mind.

“Seriously Eresh, you might be imagining things. Are you sure you know David?” Jessica is acting paranoid than me. “That guy just transferred in our school last semester. How could you feel so intimate towards him in just a short period?”

“I know, right? That’s why I’m telling you this because I’m seriously dead thinking about it the entire day,” tapping my forehead in confusion. “And you’re not helping me either, okey? I think I need to meet him to stop my delusions. God, I hate this!”

After our class, I waited for him at the alley beside the school. I saw him unbuttoned his white polo shirt, and rubbed it on his temples. David smiled, noticing me from a distance.

“Sorry honey, did I make you wait?” he held my right hand, and locked it with his.

I cringed, and immediately distanced myself.

“Honestly, I don’t remember that you and I are in a relationship?” pointing my index finger at him. “How? Since when?”

What he did next was unexpected. He grabbed my hand, pulled me next to him and kissed me. At first it was gentle, and it became intimate. My mind was triggered. Fragments of my memory remembers him, dated from unknown.

“A-ahh!” I shouted in pain. I feel like my head is tearing apart. I found myself crying on my knees. A nostalgic torture.

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“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” David hugged me tight, crying with me. “I don’t know what else to do.”

As soon I was relieved, he assisted me to stand. I saw a number zero deeply engraved on his wrist.

“That mark!”

He tried to explain. I couldn’t grasped everything. It was shocking that tears keep on falling from my eyes. Too impossible for me to believe him.

“I died 99 times, and rewrote 99 attempts. It became possible because of this mark you gave. Maybe you had forgotten it, I’m sorry!” he apologized. “Believe me, I tried everything to be with you. Now that it has gone to zero, this is the most painful goodbye for us. But, I want you to remember that I loved you so much, my angel of death, Ereshkigal.”


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Blood and Marriage

Chesz Dylan Books

Genre: Vampire, Romance
Author: Chesz Dylan©  


In the brink of death, Katie clung on one person to live. She thought he was an angel or a doctor but she woke up realizing that she will never be normal again.  

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Two brothers with two different race. Two heirs of different territories. Lord Darren of Northern Shire and Lord Lander of Southern Shire. One is a vampire and the other is a goblin. Who will win her heart?   Chesz Dylan©    

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2 Millimeters per Second

Chesz Dylan Books

Anthology: 2 Millimeters per Second

Author: Chesz Dylan©
Genre: Romance; Inspirational


   Cindy, a woman who never had a boyfriend will finally experience L.❤.V.E in a hapless event to an alcoholic punk.

   Justin, an alcoholic, depressed, disoriented and insensitive guy who can’t move-on from his previous relationship.

   One snowy Christmas Eve. Two love-searching individuals sought comfort to one another.
Was it a sudden one-sided love? Or perhaps an unknown mutual feeling? An unforeseen revelation awaits them.

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Finding Harry Novel

Chesz Dylan Books

Novel:Finding Harry

Author: Chesz Dylan©

Genre: Teen Fiction; Romance

Publishing Company: Victory Publishing  


When two persons meet, they call it destiny. When two souls jive, they call it soulmate. But what if those aren’t the ways for Harry and Jenny to cross their path?  

Finding Harry.   

Story of two individuals with different views in life, status, location, family, friends and love. Conjoined by a mystery but strengthened by unexpected events in both of their lives.   

But, what mystery will totally change the lives of these two persons that are miles apart to one another and have never met?    

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