Chivalry Should Not Be Dead


February 14, 2019. I am certain that every lovers and anyone who knows how to love knew this day. It is one of those dates that should never be forgotten, aside from of course, birthdays and anniversaries. It is the day where color “red” is rampant, images of heart in every corners of the streets and flooding in your social media feeds. The only day where hotels and motels are fully-booked, and restaurants are fully-reserved. Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day!

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Every year it is somehow part of the tradition to give chocolates and flowers to your beloved. For girls, some are liberated enough to take the initiative of giving their boyfriends a gift, rather than the norm. It is very common that you could see partners HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) everywhere. Believe me, unlike any ordinary days, it is only during Valentines that you will encounter overrated sweetness and PDA (Public Display of Affection) at the malls, at the parks, at the restaurants and going in the hotels. Excessive cheesiness alert for those who are single. (IKR?) So, you might think of cancelling your personal engagements if you are a single who isn’t comfortable on such sights.

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Just as how lovers dearly loved each other, it is also important to consider to be safe. How?  By keeping yourself protected. Recently, HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) cases has doubled if not tripled this last decade. Ages from 13-25 are the ages where high widespread of AIDS patients contracted the disease. Due to the liberation of the society, pre-marital sex and same sex has been common to the point where everyone is doing it. To the point where even at a young age, they are well-experienced. Just like a commodity that can be easily bought, at a cheap price. Keep yourself protected – use contraceptives and wear condoms. The generation today is so aggressive in love and courtship. Virginity today is never an issue, unlike during the 90s and early 2000s  where couples are more conservative and preferred the virgins as their spouses. Well, we might differ in opinion but affairs has been easy and more common nowadays. Thanks to the television shows and soap operas promoting affairs and divorces, the youths has been influenced (sarcasm intended).

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At the end of the day, it is your relationship. For girls, it is your body while for boys it is your chivalry. Keeping away from pre-marital sex and getting to know each other are still a few of the best practices in love and courtship.

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Love and Writing


It’s February and we all knew what month it is. Yes, it’s the month of love. But wait, have you been in love? Or the question should be, do you love someone? How does it feel? You know, that feeling when your heart beats so fast (doki💓doki) whenever Dffyou see that special someone. Your jaw is stuck, and you can’t utter a word when your crush is talking to you. You blushed so red, like someone painted tomato sauce on your face. You want to see him like everyday, and you go gaga about everything related to him.

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Well, boys aren’t that too much showy in general (with the exception of course, when they are within their circle of friends). Just some glimpses every now and then. For some, they tend to joke around their crushes. It’s their way to impress her effortlessly. Others, they connived with their best buddy as their means to convey their feelings. Or if he’s not that shy type, he would just ask his crush directly and break the silence, with the divine words ‘I like you. Will you go out with me?’

Now you remembered those feelings? I am now becoming nostalgic and sentimental, right? Anyway, what if, you put that emotion and remember the first time you fell in love with writing?


Actually, before I started to write. I fell in love with reading. I remembered we have a collection of Encyclopedia before. And everytime, especially during weekends, I always indulged myself to scan some pages. If I’m not playing, I will just quietly sit on the window sill or on the balcony spending minutes to hours reading anything. Sometimes, when I am watching T.V., and there is this topic or thing that got my interest, I immediately open an encyclopedia to search for it. And read some references until it satisfies me. Pretty weird huh?

Anyway, going back to memory lane. I was inspired to write a story when I watched the ‘Harry Potter’ movie (of course, who wouldn’t?). That inspiration gave me more eagerness to write when another movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ hit the theaters. I found myself writing full of ideas and plots going on inside my head. During those times, I’m already watching animes. I am meticulous particularly in the anime’s plot. I’ve watched countless animes. And I am certain that animes have more diverse plots, unlike hollywood movies. But of course, it is also more cliche than movies.

Then the moment came when suddenly, I became busy with other things. Most of my time was spent outside. Food trips in different restos. Going in shopping malls with classmates. Going in your classmates’ houses. Went to occassional parties and get-togethers. A little booze. Some dancing and singing while drunk. Oh, the high school life. In short, I lost that passion in writing that it became one of my frustrations.


They say love is sweeter the second time around. Well, I’ll say writing is pretty sweet the second time. And yes, love can change the mood. When you put your emotion in your pen, you’ll just wonder that you created a masterpiece. I noticed that most of the writers had once wrote or still writing a poem. This had been my outlet when I stopped writing. But after all that said and done, here I am writing again. It’s because of the people I met, so this passion was awakened AGAIN. I was then reconnected to the hobby I once dreamt of.

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I realized that when you love something, it doesn’t just fade away. Somehow, it’s just dormant. It was always there inside of you. You just need someone or something to trigger it- say, a motivation. And when that frustration became a reality, it’s just like woah! It’s very fulfilling, and at the same time rewarding.

How much do you love writing? What is your outlet or your getaway when you feel like not in the mood to write?

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