Choose Your Friends


As I was reading my Facebook newsfeed, I came across this post about a crime done by a certain group of individuals or ‘barkada’ to an OFW.


1 Cor. 15:33
Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

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Psalm 1:1
Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers

This is one of the problems in our society. Hard-drinking, a little pot session, and late-night gigs at discos and bars. These are frivolous things that are heavily influenced by your friends or peers. Of course, I am publicly admitting that I was once guilty of either one or two of these. Oh, the Youth!


I am not saying that all your friends are that bad or good. It’s just that, we should be careful on who to trust and share some important matters in our lives. For they have the power to influence you, to destroy or build you up!

In a group of peers, there will always be different personalities. Also, let us not forget but remember, that there will always be this black sheep among them. Imagine a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and pretending and living among one of these sheep. It is ready to devour one of the sheep if given the opportunity.

And just like how Judas Iscariot seated among Jesus’ disciples. Where in the end, he betrayed Jesus for 30 shekels of silver. I hope that while reading this, you are not one with the Spirit of Judas Iscariot. Nor have the intention of receiving the 30 shekels to disown a friend in favor of the position.

Choosing a friend is like you already have a glimpse of your future. Why? How come? It’s simply because, how they are living their life and how they impart their special attributes to you will also affect you and your outlook in life. I know some of you might disagree and say ‘I have a lot of drug-addicted friends but I ended up professional and not in jail‘. Good for you then, because you chose not to be influenced by this thing. It only means that you should use that opportunity or that thought to help your fellow friends not be involved in that destructive thing.



Simple! Be a good son or daughter or a good father or mother. Be a good follower. Be a good influence and role model. Be humble. Be a good friend. Be a good listener. Be ready to accept criticisms. Do not tolerate. Encourage and lift them up. Lead a life that will testify to the goodness of God. Lead a life that will strengthen them through God. Lead a life full of compassion. Lead a life that will lead them to Salvation. Lead a life through the eyes of God and His words. And lastly, lead a life in a way how you will make a great positive impact in their lives!

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Ode of a Broken Son

This is the time when all he can do is to reminisce,
The child who was once born, without expectation and premise.
Raised by his grandmother with love and affection;
Molded with principles, discipline, and commiseration.

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Independent even though he needs attention,
Reserved and obedient, despite his inner nefarious personification.
A child seeking for someone or perhaps something:
Yearning and patiently waiting, as the years are passing.

A broken family and a broken identity:
Grew in a modern-day concept and infidelity.
Brokenness and death struck to the very core of his being;
Lost and hopeless – an everyday long-suffering.

Deprived of love, a motherly love;
Deprived of a family, he wished he could have.
Fleeting years of what could have been a relationship, now just a dream:
Somewhere in his mind is hoping and wanting to scream.

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Haunted Misery of Dreyfus

Birthdays, graduations, and different occasions;
Good tidings and joyful memories in every season.
Childhood, puberty, adolescence, and or his existence;
Adulthood, fatherhood, and all his experiences.

Fortitude, that what keeps him going:
Trusting everything to God, the faith he is believing.
A wife and a daughter that mended that great loss and disarray,
A love he found, not from a woman who once disowned him and ran away.

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As he is creating this sonnet or perhaps a prosody;
He is contemplating from his heart, a familiar rhapsody.
Some things may have come out great and some came out tragic,
But it was all a ride, and life decisions never to be apologetic.


The chapters of his life may have found their direction,
But still, the least part of his identity wanted a resolution.
This is just a reflection that could have been a perfect melody,
But this is just a ballad, a lyric from his heart; from a son who came from a broken family.

All rights reserved 2017.

Love and Writing


It’s February and we all knew what month it is. Yes, it’s the month of love. But wait, have you been in love? Or the question should be, do you love someone? How does it feel? You know, that feeling when your heart beats so fast (doki💓doki) whenever Dffyou see that special someone. Your jaw is stuck, and you can’t utter a word when your crush is talking to you. You blushed so red, like someone painted tomato sauce on your face. You want to see him like everyday, and you go gaga about everything related to him.

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Well, boys aren’t that too much showy in general (with the exception of course, when they are within their circle of friends). Just some glimpses every now and then. For some, they tend to joke around their crushes. It’s their way to impress her effortlessly. Others, they connived with their best buddy as their means to convey their feelings. Or if he’s not that shy type, he would just ask his crush directly and break the silence, with the divine words ‘I like you. Will you go out with me?’

Now you remembered those feelings? I am now becoming nostalgic and sentimental, right? Anyway, what if, you put that emotion and remember the first time you fell in love with writing?


Actually, before I started to write. I fell in love with reading. I remembered we have a collection of Encyclopedia before. And everytime, especially during weekends, I always indulged myself to scan some pages. If I’m not playing, I will just quietly sit on the window sill or on the balcony spending minutes to hours reading anything. Sometimes, when I am watching T.V., and there is this topic or thing that got my interest, I immediately open an encyclopedia to search for it. And read some references until it satisfies me. Pretty weird huh?

Anyway, going back to memory lane. I was inspired to write a story when I watched the ‘Harry Potter’ movie (of course, who wouldn’t?). That inspiration gave me more eagerness to write when another movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ hit the theaters. I found myself writing full of ideas and plots going on inside my head. During those times, I’m already watching animes. I am meticulous particularly in the anime’s plot. I’ve watched countless animes. And I am certain that animes have more diverse plots, unlike hollywood movies. But of course, it is also more cliche than movies.

Then the moment came when suddenly, I became busy with other things. Most of my time was spent outside. Food trips in different restos. Going in shopping malls with classmates. Going in your classmates’ houses. Went to occassional parties and get-togethers. A little booze. Some dancing and singing while drunk. Oh, the high school life. In short, I lost that passion in writing that it became one of my frustrations.


They say love is sweeter the second time around. Well, I’ll say writing is pretty sweet the second time. And yes, love can change the mood. When you put your emotion in your pen, you’ll just wonder that you created a masterpiece. I noticed that most of the writers had once wrote or still writing a poem. This had been my outlet when I stopped writing. But after all that said and done, here I am writing again. It’s because of the people I met, so this passion was awakened AGAIN. I was then reconnected to the hobby I once dreamt of.

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I realized that when you love something, it doesn’t just fade away. Somehow, it’s just dormant. It was always there inside of you. You just need someone or something to trigger it- say, a motivation. And when that frustration became a reality, it’s just like woah! It’s very fulfilling, and at the same time rewarding.

How much do you love writing? What is your outlet or your getaway when you feel like not in the mood to write?

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2 Millimeters per Second

Chesz Dylan Books

Anthology: 2 Millimeters per Second

Author: Chesz Dylan©
Genre: Romance; Inspirational


   Cindy, a woman who never had a boyfriend will finally experience L.❤.V.E in a hapless event to an alcoholic punk.

   Justin, an alcoholic, depressed, disoriented and insensitive guy who can’t move-on from his previous relationship.

   One snowy Christmas Eve. Two love-searching individuals sought comfort to one another.
Was it a sudden one-sided love? Or perhaps an unknown mutual feeling? An unforeseen revelation awaits them.

©Credit to the image being used. It is not its actual cover