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The Fate of Huawei and Hongmeng OS


Google might have triggered an impending new monster that will eat them whole, depending on the outcome. This is a make or break move from Huawei. It is inevitable due to the ban that the US government imposed to Google. In a different perspective, Google had announced its universal OS in the works, the OS Fuchsia since 2016. Hongmeng OS or Project Z (according to some sources) of Huawei was just confirmed recently, although it is said that it is in the works since 2012. A Huawei executive has foreseen this scenario following the aggressive move of the US government about the never ending spying debacle. 


In some reports, it was allegedly already being tested in some phones, hiding behind the curtain. Both OS Fuchsia and Hongmeng OS are running under universal operating system. It is actually a great innovation in mobile industry as there hasn’t any big companies to explore this region. There are related news that Microsoft has been exploring this in their Windows OS and Samsung has taken a pinch of this through their Continuum feature. - shop now!

While this is expected to happen, the risk is high and Huawei is at stake here. Huawei has its own track record of innovation these past few years and they wouldn’t dethrone Apple in the #2 position if they aren’t doing a great job. Whether we like it or not, this has a benefit to us consumers and in the mobile technology. This would lessen the Mobile OS duopoly, and a new OS will be born from China that will compete directly against Google. 

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Huawei Central

In the meantime, Huawei was given 3 months after the US government temporarily lifted the ban after news broke in the internet yesterday. Still, Huawei confirmed that it will still push updates to the old models and incoming new models and that the consumers wouldn’t be affected much. After which, Huawei will either comply or the US government will impose the ban in a full swing. As the recent leading OEM innovator, let’s see how Huawei will handle this. Hongmeng OS has its potential but still, it is a make or break for the company and for Google.

The Accident

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

It is 12 o’clock midnight of February 14. I eagerly waited for this time, so I will be the first to greet her. Belinda is sleeping peacefully at her bed.

How long was I.. reminiscing what happened.

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It has been 6 months when she was confined in the hospital. I was driving the car, when a deer suddenly crossed at the center of the highway. I was shocked so I took a sudden right turn. Unfortunately, a black SUV came rushing at our side, hitting directly the passenger seat where she was sitting. I will never forget how devastated she looked as the blood flowed down her head. I passed out, and saw myself lying at the hospital bed the next day.

“Honey, Belinda, where are you?” I cried out the moment I realized I was lying on the hospital bed.

“Morgan, stay calm.” Rod is hugging me.

“Rod, where is Belinda? I need to see her. I want to see her,” looking helpless to him as tears are flowing on my temple. “Please!”

Ode of a Broken Son

I was so desperate. The last image of her in my memory is bringing me so much pain. It hurts so bad as I blame myself for the accident.

“Rod, it’s all my fault. I was so careless.”

“Morgan, do not blame yourself,” trying to calm me. I can feel the slight trembling of his hands. “She’s in the next room.”

I gathered my strength and energy to stand as I went to her room next to mine. There I saw her sleeping peacefully.

“She’s in comma.” Rod told it straight to my face. “She lose too much blood when she was brought in the hospital.”

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