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Review: Put your Head on my Shoulder

I have watched other Chinese dramas recently, so I am not new in how Chinese make their dramas. I was actually surprised that it evolved and adapted the Korean, and Japanese drama style.



Election period had ended. Local officials were proclaimed while the national positions are under tallying. Some voters were discouraged of the outcome, crying out rigging of votes; throwing out low blows against their opponents even before the campaigning period started.



  TIMELESS PIECES OF THE SCRIBBLERS (Anthology)     Please support this book together with various indie authors. One of my story entitled, “Death by Affair” is included in this collection.     Buy it here: fb://marketplace/shops/item/1519097381525634 …..     Anthology: Death by Affair Author: Chesz Dylan© Genre: Thriller; Psychological; Romance     Synopsis:   Erick is a high caliber lawyer. Catherine is the Hollywood’s sweetheart. He is the pivotal hero of order. She is the quintessential image of hidden harlotry. And then.. they had a hidden whirlwind romance.   Markizo, a young persistent democrat who had a liking with the Hollywood’s sweetheart will turn the table for the two lovers.   An unrequited proposal. A hidden psychopath. A remorseful vengeance awaits. It started in the summer but ended bloody. It started as a hidden relationship but ended in a gruesome death by affair.     ©Chesz Dylan  



    PEN AND FIREFLIES  One-Shot Series Volume I ©Chesz Dylan       TABLE OF CONTENTS     Blood and Marriage   Ai shiteru!   2 Millimeters per Second   Alaala ng Sitio Inabaan   Yellow Cicada   Alamat at Pag-ibig   Six Feet Neverland   Moonlight Fireflies    *Not the final. There are changes and ommissions on the final book.