Chesz Dylan

I Missed…

I missed the days when I was courting you
The days when I felt like time is so limited
Where all I can think of was you, and —
we are so inlove, like tentacles wrapped up together.

I missed the day when we became lovers
The  days we spent alone eating, watching, laying on the floor rolling over
Where we were contented with each other’s company and —
we just don’t care how time passed by.

I missed the days whenever I go home seeing you in the kitchen,
The day when you have that baby bump and cooking, wearing cute mittens
Where we will eat together, talking what happened to our days and —
we had long conversations while watching television.

I missed the day when the baby was excited to go out
The day when I told that angel to wait for me but she didn’t listen.
Where she just came out with nothing at all and —
we had a rough day because I was only on my way home…


I missed the days when our angel is growing up
The days when I had to check her out while playing because we were at the 2nd floor
Where she was pushed by a girl her age, I got mad and —
we didn’t allow her to play with that little girl again.

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I missed the day and regretted that day I had to leave you both for work
The day when local job cannot provide our needs.
Where I have to leave you with a broken heart and —
we have to communicate through calls and text messages.

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I missed the day and regretted that day I left
The day when our relationship started to fall and there were a lot of temptations
Where emotionally I was cold and physically it was freezing in winter and —
we had to make it work.

I missed the day and regretted that day that we always had a fight on the phone
The days when I have to bring my mobile to work and patch things up
Where I have to argue with you because of our lack of communication and —
we repeated the cycle over and over.

I missed the day and regretted that day when I went home with nothing
The day, a painful day that I wasn’t prepared to leave the foreign land
Where I trusted my superior for false hopes and nothing and —
we rekindled again at home but the situation was dire for both of us.


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I missed the day and regretted that day when I have to leave you again
The day when I and our angel became aloof to one another
Where no matter what I try, it doesn’t make any sense and —
we have to pay the price of me working abroad.

I missed the day and regretted that day when I let you leave for our future
The day where I thought we made the right decision because it was our goal
Where it created a wall to our relationship, little by little and —
we are falling apart making a fool out of each other

I missed the day and forgot the day when I started to question myself
The day when I am questioning many things about us that I shouldn’t
Where the trust was nowhere to find and —
we, or should it be you denying and hiding some things from me


I missed the day and forgot the day when we first created our future
The day when your family matters more than our relationship
Where both of us, no longer knew each other and —
we keep on fighting until I requested it quits.

I missed the day, I no longer know if that day will come again
The day when I wanted to do something just to see you
Where you keep on making alibis not for me to come and —
we or it was just me returned home because of our goals, but I was alone

I don’t miss that day, we became civil to each other and we no longer have a future
The day when we were both cold and I don’t know you anymore
Where we fought the battle but white flags are waving at both of us and —
we never imagined how did it become like this.


I missed …. my old self
I missed…. the old you
I missed…. us!
I missed…. our once happy family.
But… I can no longer remember that time.
I can no longer remember when, what, how and I forgot myself along the process.

And now..
I don’t know what the future holds for us.
I no longer knew you
You no longer know me
I missed…I don’t know what I miss anymore.

©Chesz Dylan | All rights reserved.

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Sky Fiction: 6th Anthology Book Benefit Project

6th Anthology Book: A BENEFIT PROJECT

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Ang Superhero ni Buboy | Mai Tsuki
Bawat Butil ng Pawis | Faye Lee P. Nash
Isang Hakbang Pa | Jeydi
Lapis at Papel | MeasMrNiceGuy
Linyang Guhit | Khayri R.R. Woulfe
Malaking Tulong | VenusOfTheRose
MANALIG KA! | Yeiron Jee
May Bago Kay Intoy | WhiteRose
Mga Anghel na Walang Pakpak | Lime Snowfall
Mukha Ng Pag-asa | Ynoria
Munting Pangarap | Misty Riosa
Nilamukos na Papel | Chesz Dylan
PANGARAP | YhansyRain
Pangarap Ko, Tutuparin Ko | Michaela Bohol
Patuloy Ang Pangarap | ArmaeGutierrez02
Sa Ilalim Ng Puting Ilaw | xymarx
Sapatos | Panacea Lee
Sino Si Bridget | Cheyonnibapps
UNIPORME | Gemalyn Sayco


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Cover Layout by Marigold Uy
Promotional Graphic Design by Regina Dionela

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(Source: Sky Fiction)
© Chesz Dylan | All rights reserved 2019

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The Fate of Huawei and Hongmeng OS


Google might have triggered an impending new monster that will eat them whole, depending on the outcome. This is a make or break move from Huawei. It is inevitable due to the ban that the US government imposed to Google. In a different perspective, Google had announced its universal OS in the works, the OS Fuchsia since 2016. Hongmeng OS or Project Z (according to some sources) of Huawei was just confirmed recently, although it is said that it is in the works since 2012. A Huawei executive has foreseen this scenario following the aggressive move of the US government about the never ending spying debacle. 


In some reports, it was allegedly already being tested in some phones, hiding behind the curtain. Both OS Fuchsia and Hongmeng OS are running under universal operating system. It is actually a great innovation in mobile industry as there hasn’t any big companies to explore this region. There are related news that Microsoft has been exploring this in their Windows OS and Samsung has taken a pinch of this through their Continuum feature. - shop now!

While this is expected to happen, the risk is high and Huawei is at stake here. Huawei has its own track record of innovation these past few years and they wouldn’t dethrone Apple in the #2 position if they aren’t doing a great job. Whether we like it or not, this has a benefit to us consumers and in the mobile technology. This would lessen the Mobile OS duopoly, and a new OS will be born from China that will compete directly against Google. 

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Huawei Central

In the meantime, Huawei was given 3 months after the US government temporarily lifted the ban after news broke in the internet yesterday. Still, Huawei confirmed that it will still push updates to the old models and incoming new models and that the consumers wouldn’t be affected much. After which, Huawei will either comply or the US government will impose the ban in a full swing. As the recent leading OEM innovator, let’s see how Huawei will handle this. Hongmeng OS has its potential but still, it is a make or break for the company and for Google.

Review: Put your Head on my Shoulder

Chinese Title: 致我们暖暖的小时光
Origin: China (Adapted from a Novel)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School, Youth, Friendship, Family
Actors: Fei Xing (Si Tu Mo); Lin Yi (Gu Wei Yi)

As Si Tu Mo’s graduation is nearing, she is confused about her future plans. She tries out all sorts of things all the time and is unable to make her own decisions. Her ordinary days are suddenly shaken up when the genius Physics student Gu Wei Yi appears in her life. The two accidentally end up living together and chaos begins.

(Source: CdramaBase)

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have watched other Chinese dramas recently, so I am not new in how Chinese make their dramas. I was actually surprised that it evolved and adapted the Korean, and Japanese drama style. Whenever I hear Chinese dramas, what comes in mind are flying daggers, fantasy, magic and outstanding action scenes similar to Hong Kong. I was quite hesitant when it comes to Romance dramas. But it so happened that I came across one of its popular Romance Comedy recently, the Chinese Adaptation of the Meteor Garden 2018 which I honestly liked among all its adaptations.

After which, I saw this another Chinese Romance Comedy entitled, “Put your head on my Shoulder”. The teaser was great that it made me watched the entire series in Youtube.

See also: Poet[ical] Nonetheless

First is the story, I am very particular when  it comes to the story of a drama. It is my first criteria and the breaking point if I should watch it or not. I don’t care whether it is popular. I watched some popular Romance Comedy dramas that didn’t impress me based in the plot alone. The story of Put your head on my Shoulder is light. It was cute so to speak and consistent until the end. I avoided watching heavily themed drama these days, so Put your head on my Shoulder is just right. There wasn’t any heavy conflicts, and villains. It is just the romantic and cute everyday encounter of Mo Mo (Si Tu Mo) and Gu Wei Yi. 


Lovely Wholesale

The characters were shallow but their was a character maturity along the way. Unlike the typical Romance genre of a love triangle cliche, I didn’t find that in this drama. There was an introduction of supposedly love interest but there was no affairs or flirting  What made this consistent is the undeniable chemistry of Fei Xing and Lin Yi. Lin Yi by the way is a new actor and this is his first lead role. I am surprised that he delivered a great acting here for a first timer in a lead. The same as Dylan Wang who delivered a great acting for the Meteor Garden 2018, a new actor and first time in a lead role. I see a bright future for Dylan Wang and Lin Yi. Not every new actor in a lead role can deliver a great acting.

See also: Admiration

There was a side story of Fu Pei and Shan Shan in this drama.  Do not fret, they took an important part to the life of the main casts especially in Si Tu Mo’s. The chemistry of Lin Yi and Fei Xing is so natural. I shipped their pair to be a real couple someday. Mo Mo is bubbly, cute and her antics are so natural. Meanwhile, Gu Wei Yi is kind of a serious, good-looking nerd and goody-goody type of a guy. But he also values friendship and he isn’t the nerd and boring type of a guy given that he is a topnotcher and genius college student among his co-leagues. dramawiki


Overall, it was a feel good romance comedy drama that you will love. Very relatable and their relationship maybe typical but how they manage the everyday crisis was the takeaway. There are many cute and funny moments of these two that you can’t help but to smile. Btw, Gu Wei Yi was a faithful guy. The ending was cliche, but I think it was the right thing to do. Not the greatest, but I think it is great in its own way.

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Election period had ended. Local officials were proclaimed while the national positions are under tallying. Some voters were discouraged of the outcome, crying out rigging of votes; throwing out low blows against their opponents even before the campaigning period started. To the extent of filing a lawsuit because of the personal damages these candidates incurred to one another. While for some, they are celebrating for the victory of their candidates. This is the typical scene you will see every election in the Philippines. - shop now!

Typical drama, typical narratives, typical promises and agendas that might become a wishful thinking after they took the government office. Compared to the previous election albeit the shove-at-your-face irregularities, this year’s election gained enormous success and confidence from the people. This is the undeniable outcome of support from the pro-administration to the government. Of course, the opposition or the losing side would react to this statement. Take in mind that we have different opinions. Whether we like it or not, whatever the outcome the Comelec will declare, that is final. But just a little throwback, especially if you are aware of the dirty politics in some parts of the country, thanked God because it wasn’t bloody nor disaster this year.  


Fast forward, the school grounds was left with a pile of garbages from the voters. I believe, this is not just a clean-up work that should be done by the local government units but a volunteer task from the winning candidates, if not all people.  

Credit: ABS-CBN News


Fast forward now that they were elected, these questions should be taken in mind: How should I start, and what should I do to fulfill my promises and agendas to these constituents?What are the real problems that should be addressed immediately?What are the initiatives that should be implemented in order to attain progress?How can I be more of a help, a role model, and a great leader to these people?What ordinances and laws should be prioritize?What project layouts and infrastructures are needed to gain economic wealth, invite investors and  attract tourists?  


Working as a government official comes with a great responsibility, accountability, and sincerity. It is indeed a hard work, if your interest is for the welfare of your constituents. But it is also a pocketful source of wealth, if your interest is lobbying and corruption. The politics in the Philippines is gross, multi-faceted, fanaticism, patronage, troupe of clowns, religiously influenced and venal system. Qualifications are overbearing but donwright ineffectual. Experience is a must but morally tainted. A century-old system that should be abolished. This new breed of officials should initiate the change in accordance with this current government’s mandate of a corruption-free, competitive economy and a progressive country. Regardless of color and political affinity, we should aim for unity, and not a division. Pray for the welfare of our country and its leaders. Be a productive citizen of this state!

The Boy Who Never Had a Mom


Margaret Berg Art (Pinterest)

Today is a special day for mothers around the world. Flowers, gifts and social media greetings everywhere. Of course, it will not be special if I didn’t post my personal greeting to the special woman, the mother of my daughter– Evelyn. 

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I also knew for a fact that some of my readers are aware in my personal relationship. Well, for some who don’t, let me tell you a short description of my life. My mom left me and my sister when I was around one-year old. My aunt was the one who brought me to the province. She said that I was turning dark, sickly and I might die because of an illness. I don’t know the real reason and it might be unclear but the relationship of my parents wasn’t in good terms at that time.

My mom can’t manage to take care of us. My grandmother , back when she was still alive told me that when I was brought at the hospital, she told my grandma that she needs to go to her mother in the province but she’ll be back. So, she left me and my sister in my grandmother’s care. After that, I never saw nor heard from her ever again.

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When I was growing up, I was forced to depend on myself. I learned to lean on no one. I don’t know how to express it but in all honesty, I never looked for her. In the same way, I never felt any anger or hatred against her. Of course, there was once a longing. There was once a pain of not seeing her, but that’s just it. I grew accustomed of having no mother. I learned the art of not giving a f*ck towards her. I learned to not show any emotion.

Every mother’s day, I write a letter to my grandma or my aunts. Well, whenever I have a mother’s day project in school, that is. It was a cycle. I don’t know why my mom doesn’t want to look for us. Or even just an attempt to do so back then. That is, if she is still alive somewhere out there. 


There will always be a longing. There will always be a void in my identity, my being that only my mom can fill. I don’t know how it feels to have a mother. I am glad that my daughter never experienced it. I don’t know if she is still alive. I don’t know if she is looking for us. I don’t know if that might come, to see her personally. I will never know what was she thinking back then. What was her reasons for leaving me behind. I don’t know if there will ever come a time that we will cross paths. I don’t know if I want to see her. I don’t know if I love her. I don’t know if aborting me is much better than leaving me behind. Those are the many “I don’ts” that I have in my life, that I might never know the answers.

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Mothers, love your children. Let them understand what you are feeling. Let them feel that they are loved. Don’t let them suffer the consequence of your decisions. They never wanted it, they don’t deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Thank you for the life you had given us- your children.

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Don’t Become Who Hurt You

This is simple yet profound that when taken by heart it has a deep meaning within its context. Sometimes we don’t know that a part of us that was hurt can leave a scar that cannot easily mend by time, or even death. Sometimes, the person that hurts us leave an impression that is forever delisted in our system, if not forever be forgotten in our life.

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I remember when I was young. The person who hurt me left my childhood a sad, immeasurable pain, and left me growing with a vengeful heart. I am so drowned of avenging myself because that part of me was the beginning of a mess I paid by my entire childhood. That part of me was helpless. A voiceless kid who just followed orders and what those adults made me believed. I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt or conscience because what I was feeling back then was a total remorse and loathe. I hated him to the point that I cursed him. To the point I no longer feel any love or sympathy. To the point I wished he was dead. I blamed him for all my childhood sufferings, for the brokenness I feel, and the family I will never have. I went through it a lot physically, intellectually and emotionally. To the point that I feel like I don’t deserve this life – everything!

I did everything I could not to be like him; not to grow as an incompetent adult; not to grow as a worthless husband or a useless dad. I plunged myself away, so far away, dwindling in shame and shutting all my emotions and keep it all by myself.

It is normal for anyone to blame others. Humans are created selfish and full of pride. Humans find fault in everything; humans aren’t easily contented in what they have, and I’m no better than anyone.

Later did I realized, that the person I never wanted to be – the person I hated, and rejected, is becoming the person in me. The things I hated about him, is suddenly imparted in my system. I only realized when I found myself acting like a fool, when my actions and my indecisiveness are becoming prevalent to the extent that it is manifesting on me. I hated myself for it, just as how I hated the person who made me feel it.

I didn’t undergo any therapy or counseling. The guilt, the anger and frustrations is piling up. It’s eating me whole inside. A part of me – the helpless me, is trying to suppress it as much as it can. It was hard. There are times I feel like I will undergo cardiac arrest anytime because of the sudden burst of pain in my heart. It doesn’t always occur, but once it does, it’s unbearable and I feel like I can’t breathe. It’s never good to keep it all inside especially when you have a weak heart.

It is when we hurt that we learn.   
– Steve Maraboli

DON’T BECOME WHO HURT YOU. Don’t let your hurt and pain define you; don’t let it feed your ego; don’t let the good in you be consumed by it; don’t let it become who you are – learn to forgive; forgiveness is the key. I know it isn’t easy. It isn’t something that could easily erase everything, every memory and hurt. Forgive sincerely, at least try it little by little. It’s a long process of healing, but it produces great result – a fulfilling result.

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When I think about it, I realized that it’s possible. It’s possible to forgive. It’s possible to feel positive despite the negativities and despite there has been no changes in his part. So, if you were given a chance, confront that person who hurt you and made you feel it. I know it was wrong for keeping it all inside me. I know fully that it has a negative effect in my personality, in my upbringing but I was always like that – stubborn. I suffered from it. And I don’t want you to feel it, that same feeling. It was never good. It robbed me my happiness in my childhood. It robbed me the love I should have given. It robbed me of the future I should have had, if only I didn’t allowed that hurt to ate my whole being.

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 

Lastly, have faith. Give all your hurt and pains to our father in heaven.

© Copyright 2019

Poet[ical] Nonetheless


I roar like a lion,
And rule like the king of Babylon.
I can be as weak as the protagonist,
Or as fierce as the vilest antagonist.
I can be imaginative to all extent,
Or make the craziest creative content.
I create my world beyond critical,
Or doubt myself as cynical.

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

See also: Twenty-eighteen
Haunted Misery of Dreyfus

I am a storyteller,
Fusion of romance, adventure and mystery are my specialty.
I am a poet, 
My words are like an arrow piercing hornet.
I am a reader,
Books and letters caters my greatest hunger.
I am a novelist,
Who hums and weaves words like a lyricist.
I am a writer,
I shatter; I make; I devoid and I re-create;
Words are in my blood, my passion, my fate.
I am a soldier of literature,
A poet of realism and fiction– born to endure.


©Chesz Dylan | All rights reserved.

See also: Ode of a Broken Son


Chesz Dylan Books


Please support this book together with various indie authors. One of my story entitled, “Death by Affair” is included in this collection.
Buy it here:
Anthology: Death by Affair
Author: Chesz Dylan©
Genre: Thriller; Psychological; Romance
Erick is a high caliber lawyer. Catherine is the Hollywood’s sweetheart. He is the pivotal hero of order. She is the quintessential image of hidden harlotry. And then.. they had a hidden whirlwind romance.
Markizo, a young persistent democrat who had a liking with the Hollywood’s sweetheart will turn the table for the two lovers.
An unrequited proposal. A hidden psychopath. A remorseful vengeance awaits. It started in the summer but ended bloody. It started as a hidden relationship but ended in a gruesome death by affair.
©Chesz Dylan


Chesz Dylan Books
One-Shot Series Volume I
©Chesz Dylan
Blood and Marriage
Ai shiteru!
2 Millimeters per Second
Alaala ng Sitio Inabaan
Yellow Cicada
Alamat at Pag-ibig
Six Feet Neverland
Moonlight Fireflies

*Not the final. There are changes and ommissions on the final book.