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Guilt: A Silent Form Of Slavery – Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical Review

Guilt: A Silent Form of Slavery - Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical Review

Honestly, I have a liking for musicals. Given the right blend of songs, the performance, and of course, the story. Watching “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” brought me back to the nostalgia of my youth, in my High School days when we performed our school’s musical play, “Just Teen”. I could sense how these people have been totally attached to their characters and co-actors. I could imagine how fun it is while doing the play. And how hard it is to let go of the characters and the relationships developed along the way until it ended. Rehearsals alone are fun and exciting. Especially when all your co-actors are fun to be with and enthusiastic. There will be no boring days and I saw that from those actors.

Huling El Bimbo Hit Musical
Credits: Resorts World Manila/ABSCBN

I wouldn’t divulge on the technical aspects of the play because it’s not my line. But I’ll throw in what I thought about the song choices. I wouldn’t go for specifics, but what I will point out in this review is its overall outcome, my thoughts, and the story of the musical. I felt compelled to write a review, for such creativity as this musical play.


Love. Freedom. Betrayal. False Hope. Broken Dream. Our primordial thought.

We were all once a child. We all at one point had that rich mind full of dreams and ambitions. Going back, did you imagine yourself fulfilling that degree you were aiming at that time? Or the job you thought was cool and practical that made you decide your chosen career path today? Maybe it was triggered by your youthful passions and naivety. Now, have you accomplished it?

Joy, Hector, Anthony, and Emman are just typical teenagers. They represent all of us, during our youths going through our adolescence and teenage years.  Their achievements, hardships, and frustrations are that of a typical youth. Imagine, we were all excited for all the new things in our life. We are young. Hopeful. And untainted from all the filth in life. We feel joy from the simplest things. We sympathize with the sad things that our eyes could only perceive. We have a great time without having to worry about anything.

We join organizations without thinking if it will benefit us in the future or just feed our rebellious side of personality. We are wrapped up with our emotions. We just want to fight for our rights inside the box we only knew. Or do we just join and search for peers because we want acceptance and validation? Hector, Anthony, and Emman created their bond because they were all roommates sharing the same aspirations and the youthful angst of being in control of themselves, of their life now that they are in college. Despite their differences, they managed to create a brotherhood without joining fraternities which is prevalent in the 90s.

Hector, who wants to prove something and pursue his passion in arts, thus, becoming a director. Anthony, who wants to become an entrepreneur but hiding his real identity from his macho dad. He did manage to become a businessman and managed to tie the knot but at the expense of being trap forever. Emman, who created a liking for activism that may have originated from his obsession for his girlfriend, then later dumped him. But he managed to become a government employee. Joy, our lovable Joy, your typical girlfriend who easily falls in love because she is also lacking in it herself. She has the typical ambition of finding the right guy and settling down.

Just like them, we haven’t had any clue about the enormous difference in the statuses. We haven’t had any clue about the harsh realities and adversities of life that await us. We make instant decisions out of our emotions that we aren’t able to support nor sustain in the long run. Creating regrets and broken dreams in the future. We are living in front of a great curtain that will unveil once we enter the real world. We are living in a world of comfort created by our parents and the school system. We thought that we are free from the consequences of our life decisions. We just live in the moment (YOLO!).

Overdrive: Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical

Our youth, those were all great memories. Just like the scene atop of the car. Hector, Joy, Anthony, and Emman thought that it was the best time of their lives. Priceless. However, the naivety in life we know is as dangerous as pointing a gun at our heads, (the pivotal scene – rape scene). Those we thought trivial will dig our graves in the future. Those we don’t pay attention to will leave a scar in our personality, in our self, and in our society. Those betrayals will fill us with doubts, and fears. Being impulsive comes with a price. Guilt, stocked over time will make you its slave. An invisible slave of deceit. It cripples you inside until it becomes part of your system. Guilt binds you and hinders you towards your personal freedom. It takes away your optimism in life to a dead end. And because of guilt, you could sever one of the most important connections in your life.

Act 2

Delusion. Depression. Choice. Misfortunes. Self-Worth. The Process. The Stage. The reality we created.

This is one of the saddest parts when Hector, Emman, and Anthony turned their backs away to Joy. The friends you admired, respected, and loved. And it happened in the worst part of her life. You see, in life, these are common scenarios that everyone would experience. It will test your expectations. There will be unexpected things that we are unable to endure. Battles that we are unable to fight. Joy’s positivity in life suddenly became a delusion. It bled her to no end becoming a misfit, and misguided heading to a pitfall, a catastrophic pitfall I might say.

We conform to what we think is practical and allowed ourselves to just be taken away by the currents of societal norms. The reality will slap you big time in a manner that you will feel the scorching flames of hopelessness, poverty, corruption, unfair practices, injustice, and miserableness. In a manner that you won’t be able to get out. Similar to Joy, our predicament sometimes affects our choices. On her part, Aunt Dely tried to convince her to return in the province. Indeed, she has a choice. But what did she do? Honestly, we all have this “Joy mentality”. We have these misconceptions that there is no future in suburbs and countrysides. That there is no life in the province. We were brought up to believe that, going to the countryside is only for leisure. No! Remember that we make our choices in life. I am telling you, there are self-made millionaires in the province.


Joy allowed herself to sink in her misfortunes. She chose what she thought was practical. What she thought was inevitable. Repeating the cycle of bondage to her daughter, Ligaya. The same fate she tries to evade. She resorted to clutching unto the blade of the knife, engaging to clout with false hopes. Becoming promiscuous by using her body like it’s just casual, and allowing herself to be a vehicle of drug cartels. To a point that it disgusts her to the depth of her bones. That is not survival! She allowed herself along the process. She set her own stage into her own trap.

Hector, Anthony, and Emman managed to create a better future because they were able to graduate. Honestly, they are the epitome of millennials today. There are some people who should get off their high horses. They sever ties and connections with you because you are no longer relevant to them. You have no purpose anymore. However, in their cases, their minds were clouded with guilt. This guilt severed everything they all once shared with Joy. Leaving the latter without resolve. No apology. No console. She was left alone, the most realistic circumstance one would feel in life. That guilt affected all of them and made them distant, despite that Joy tried to reach out.

We all have been to that point in our life. Joy’s chosen path is relatable to most of us. Remember, we create our own path. We have the option of setting our own rules and goals in life. It’s unavoidable that you will experience the shittinesss of life. But what transpired in her is that hope, the strength to go on, and the willingness to change. She was in fact, human after all. Sadly, it was too late for her. And I think, it was in all honesty, the rightful demise for her. The law of nature only took its turn.

Joy death: Huling El Bimbo Musical

Think of yourself right now, I know that there were decisions and negligence that you wished you could have done something. You can’t change it, that’s a fact, but just like Joy, you have the power to redirect your path. Remove the guilt, reach out to a friend. Stay connected regardless of your differences. Never burn bridges to the people that came along in your life. You have the power to do it right this time.

Moral Of The Play:

For every promise, there is a price to pay. ~Jim Rohn

This is the message of the play that was not emphasized or understood by some reviewers. And this is the loophole of the play. Going back, Hector, Anthony, and Emman made a promise to Joy in Act 1. This promise was broken when an unfortunate event happened. They promise to protect her, to be with her, and to love her no matter what. However, those unfulfilled promises turned into guilt, remorse, and abandonment of a once dear friend and a loved one. Those broken promises made all their life miserable. It was the cause, and what they were reaping are the effects.

And the ironic part is, or I don’t know if the playwright was aware of it, they broke their promises to Joy at the height of their youth, and then made a new promise to Joy’s daughter in the end. Like what? Promising for the sole purpose of fulfilling an unfulfilled promise? That’s an awful ending for a dear friend because of their own guilt and fault. Joy could have changed her misfortune if Hector, Emman, and Anthony didn’t sever the tie. Although, we’ve seen that Joy was indebted to Anthony for some reason.

Overall, the play was almost perfect. It gave you that consistency from start to finish leaving you wanting more. The song choices were decent and did a different approach to the other songs. Some arrangements were astounding, while some were mediocre. This falls down on preference. The characters were portrayed well. Especially the character of young Joy, she gave justice to the role. There is lacking in terms of acting for the part of the three younger versions especially young Hector. But I love their enthusiasm, it didn’t bore me a bit. Of course, the adult casts did a great job as well as all the supporting roles, production, and the entire ensemble.

What part of the play were you deeply related to? Were you able to relate with the misfortune of Joy or the rest of the three? Did the hit musical play, Ang Huling El Bimbo satisfy your curiosity and willingness to watch it again? Tell us in the comments section below.

Philippines’ Online Shopping Showdown: Lazada VS Shopee 2021



I was actually thinking of making this comparison back then but I often have forgotten. And I feel like, it’s not the right time yet. Fast forward, now that I think about it, I came to the conclusion that this has to be the right time. Not because I have an issue with Shopee as of this writing. Curious? I will tell you about my experience. But for now, this post needs to be done. (Haha).

In some countries particularly the United States, online shopping has been implemented and it actually worked quite well. With such big names like Amazon of US and Alibaba of China, these are legit testimonies of how a one-man force became the world’s richest billionaire in the persona of Jeff Bezos of Amazon. But of course, there will be online shopping horror stories and failures. I believed it’s actually happening but just a few isolated cases. Regardless of whether you are in the first world or third world countries, these incidents are evident.


Through social media alone, one can easily post his sentiment against a normal person, a celebrity, or a corporation. It might a hassle for the opposing end but on a regular basis, it helps a lot so people can be easily informed of any anomalies and fraudulent acts.

Lazada App

Shopee App

Okay, I know for a fact that there are advantages and disadvantages to the use of social media. But this article intends to give light about the posts, and reviews of this online shopping fiasco. Those are legit, guys. It’s not meant to degrade or tarnish anyone’s reputation. Online shopping fails are failures. Period. They’re not hoaxed. It’s not made up stories unless either of the party has had pending criminal records or convicted with a related crime.

Legit Online Shopping Failures

I tried to search a hashtag in Instagram #onlineshoppingfail and yep, the telltales of unhappy, dissatisfied, and morbid online shoppers. Their excitement that turned into a disaster. It’s actually happening and as a consumer, this is an issue we need to addressed and stopped. Exposing scammers, fake items, failed delivery and failed products are important. Yea, I get it! You got the money, so what? This is for ordinary people who worked their ass off just to save that amount. Just as the world has had their fair share of online shopping horrors, the Philippines is no exemption.

Instagram – #onlineshoppingfail

Online Shopping In The Philippines

The rise of online shopping in the Philippines flourished in recent years. Two of the giant online shopping companies in the Philippines are battling it out for the online shopping supremacy. To start off, Lazada is one of the actual pioneers of the online shopping industry. Thanks to this company, the online shopping industry had shown potential and Filipinos are just as busy and hardworking as our international neighbors. Reigned for 3 years until the existence of Shopee came head to head against Lazada. For your information, both Lazada and Shopee are primarily a Singapore-based e-commerce platform.

Lazada Philippines


Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. As the pioneer of the eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Lazada has 155,000 sellers and 3,000 brands serving 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data and service solutions. With 300 million SKUs available, Lazada offers the widest range of products in categories from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment, and groceries. Focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, it offers multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, comprehensive customer care, and hassle-free returns through its own first and last-mile delivery arm supported by approximately 100 logistics partners. Lazada Group is majority-owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA). HERE

Type of businessPrivate
Founded27 March 2012; 7 years ago
Area servedInternational
OwnerAlibaba Group
Founder(s)Alexander Samwer, Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer
Key peoplePeng Lei (Executive Chairwoman)
Pierre Poignant (CEO)
(Online shopping)
Employees8,000+ (corporate)
Alexa rank 36,775 (September 2018)

Shopee Philippines


Shopee is a Singaporean e-commerce platform headquartered under the Sea Group (previously known as Garena), which was founded in 2009 by Forrest Li.  Shopee first launched in Singapore in 2015, and since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It serves users in Southeast Asia and Taiwan to buy and sell products online. Due to the mobile and social element built within the concept, Shopee was described as one of the “5 disruptive e-commerce startups we saw in 2015” by Tech In Asia. HERE

Type of siteSubsidiary
Available inEnglish
Founded2015; 4 years ago
Headquarters5 Science Park Drive, Shopee Building, Singapore 118265
Area servedAsia
ParentSea Limited (NYSE: SE) (Singapore) (Malaysia) (Philippines) (Indonesia)
(Taiwan) (Thailand)


Products: Lazada Vs Shopee

Lazada has its own share of product lines. Being ahead of the online shopping industry in the Philippines compared to Shopee, they have a robust selection of both generic and branded items through LazMall or Lazada Mall. These branded items are also offering discounts where some are Lazada’s exclusive deals.

That being said, having some of the branded names in the industry is a one-point feat against its competitor. However, not everyone came to these online shops to look for branded names. Despite that those are legit brands, it also reflects the prices of their items. Believe it or not, most of the shoppers aren’t even interested in these branded items.

Some are sellers that venture into online business. These sellers bring their products under Lazada or Shopee. So technically, these two companies are just mediums benefitting from these sellers’ products.
Now, what’s the edge of Shopee against Lazada? Despite that Lazada came out first and they have branded items under their belt, Shopee has managed to exceed the number of products that Lazada is selling. That was their greatest feat considering that they are younger than Lazada.

They don’t have specific categories for branded items but Shopee has legit sellers that also offer branded items. It just so happened that the categories of Shopee are more generic, unorganized and they don’t have dedicated stores for branded items, unlike Lazada. They have Celebrity Club, but I wouldn’t consider it as brands but it’s more of a celebrity endorsing or celebrity own product selling. It may be also because Shopee might have a loose business system and they just accept any sellers.

Unlike Lazada who probably has stricter guidelines limiting the same products. And just as I previously mentioned, the online shopper’s generally don’t care about the brand as long as they liked it and the product isn’t so bad.

Winner: Shopee

Price: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is probably the major determining factor for some. But honestly, the prices of both Lazada and Shopee are almost the same or the marginal difference is too small to notice the difference. Unless if it’s a branded item. And the real reason is, it’s upon the sellers’ discretion of the amount they will incur. Lazada and Shopee don’t care about how these sellers are making their price list. However, there is a major factor why despite their prices are the same, yet, in terms of overall pricing one company doesn’t make the cut.

Winner: Both
Overall Pricing Winner: Lazada

Shipping and Delivery: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is the major factor why Lazada stood out as the overall pricing winner. Why? Because of the delivery charge. These two don’t offer the same delivery charge. It’s worth noting that the base price of the products of these two are almost the same, and it’s solely dependent on the seller’s pricing. However, Shopee charges more than Lazada. The minimum delivery charge of Lazada is 50php compared to Shopee’s 100php minimum. So, despite that, the base product prices are the same, as a consumer which will you prefer? Of course, I would choose the low delivery charge any time of the day.

The delivery schedule is almost the same. But somehow, Lazada could make it by 2 days depending on the product you ordered. I’m saying this out of the experience.

Edited: It has been a year since I wrote this article and there has been a great change when it comes to the shipping fees. Lazada removed their based-line shipping fee of P50. It will now depend on the weight of the product the same as what Shopee does.

Winner: Both

Star Wars Authentics

Quality: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is something sort of a case to case basis if there are irregularities. Since most of their generic products are made from China, so you wouldn’t expect more or more disappointment. I am not against China products btw, as I do have products that I am using that are shipped from China. Just a clarification. There are incidents that even in countries like the United States and China have failed in the product quality of their items.

Winner: Both

Service: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is now about the part I mentioned earlier. I experienced bad service thrice in Shopee that I never experienced in Lazada. It’s about missing items. I can definitely justify this based on my personal experiences that sellers in Shopee are twice as bad as in Lazada. And they suck in service as much as the sellers in Lazada. As of this writing, I have an on-going dispute case against one of Shopee’s seller in China. The bad part is, I am their regular customer. The Shopee is handling it professionally but still, bad service is a bad service. I don’t tolerate bad service.

I added something that I just encountered recently with Lazada when I opened an online store. This is not about the product but more of its service feature. This is only meh so don’t take this against Lazada. I’m not the type of getting calls randomly just to promote their seller hub. So, I hate it when Lazada will call me numerous times to announce something new or if they have promotions ahead of time. That is good for some seller, but I don’t personally like it. It’s just similar to going to a mall and this sales clerk keeps on bugging me. I will approach them if I need something.

If you are waiting for an important call, say job interviews, business-related calls ore meetings, you wouldn’t want a random number popping up in your screen and realizing it’s just the Lazada customer service. On the business side, that is marketing. but like I said for me it isn’t. Maybe Lazada should push for email marketing campaigns which they do while Shopee RARELY to never do, instead of calling the person. Or they should ask ahead of time if it’s okay to call for updates so the person should save the number.

Winner: Both

Vouchers And Promotions: Lazada Vs Shopee

When it comes to promotion, the good about these two is that both of them are like actively interacting with one another. Both are implementing the same promotional stints whether it’s a 10/10, Christmas sale, New Year’s sale, end of the month sale, end of the year sale, Halloween Sale, Flash sales, and other sales you can think of. They are also offering Free Shipping for all the products worth 500php (this has changed) up ordered in the same seller and not generally as separate purchases from different sellers. They also have vouchers and discounts. But, again, what makes Lazada stand out is, it has promos and discounts in its branded items.

Winner: Both


SHOPEE 10/10

Live Selling: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is not a surprise as both platforms have their own way of engaging customers by allowing the sellers to sell via live streaming included inside the platform. They have their own ways of using this live selling feature to tease the customers who are often into online selling. With all the pandemics going on, these have been the avenues of some entrepreneurs that are affected by the pandemic.

Winner: Both

Seller Hub: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is an addition as I just recently venture into online business. Creating an online shop in these platforms become common nowadays. With the pandemic that made everyone lose their jobs, WFH (Work from Home) or venture into online business. It’s inevitable that you wouldn’t encounter this in the Philippines. There are of course other platforms that you can use. There are Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, Etsy or even setting up an online store in your website (if you have one).

When it comes to setting an online store, there are two differiating factors between the two. Lazada created their stand-alone app dedicated for the Lazada Seller Hub, while Shopee’s Seller Hub is inside the Shopee app. If I want something simple an my smartphone isn’t cut with a high internal storage, Shopee has the advantage. The Lazada Seller app is battery and memory space consuming. When it comes to setting the app, Lazada requires your real DTI certificate and Business information whereas, you can easily set-up an online shop in Shopee.

For credibility’s sake, that is a good feature from Lazada. It allows legit sellers with the intent to sell and not some kind of a bogus seller or scam. This issue is rather a case to case basis, so it will not necessarily reflect the integrity of the shops. However, if you are to create your virtual shop now, you can’t with Lazada. You need your business to be registered with the DTI’s business number. That’s the advantage of Shopee; it will allow you to create your shop with ease. The downside is, you wouldn’t know whether the shops inside Shopee are legit.

Winner: Shopee


Lazada: ⭐⭐⭐
Shopee: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I don’t discourage you to use Lazada or Shopee. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whose service you are satisfied with, whose products cater to your preference, whose delivery is you comfortable and the list goes on. I for one, use these two online shopping companies. I go for Lazada for the same product I am using. And I also order in Shopee for the products I am using that aren’t found in Lazada. I use both of their seller platforms but I mostly update my shop in Shopee.

* 1 – 5 stars – 5 as the highest and 1 as the lowest

What are your online shopping horror stories? Let’s talk it out in the comment section.

Disclaimer: Neither Lazada nor Shopee paid me for doing this review.

Our site is a participant of Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program and Rakuten Marketing Affiliates. Sometimes our site uses these affiliate links, where our site may earn a commission. This means, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and purchase something.  As an Amazon and Rakuten Associate, our site earns from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support! Know more about our site’s General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

A Healthy Bread is the Right Bread

Breads and everything-with-flour-ingredient has been the staple food eaten by many people in all countires. For centuries, it has developed and improved into different pastries, forms and flavors to cater the growing needs of different health-conscious individuals. Over the years, it has been known to be one of the important breakfast item next to cereals and milk. History already proved that our ancestors has been making bread out of grains. The National Academy of Sciences has discovered traces of starch in prehistoric mortar and pestle-like rocks used by the early civilization. Because of the advancement of Science, innovations after innovations has created the modern bread you are eating right now.

There are factors that led to the innovation of the bread, these are leavening, the refined flour and invention of the mechanized slicing. Without the leavening through the use of the yeast, as a primary ingredient that makes our bread rise and fluffy, we would still be under the dark age of flatbread, the first recorded bread that was made my humans. Only around 300 B.C in Ancient Egypt was the yeast production was commercialized. Up until today, there are countries that are still making the flatbread, particularly our Middle East brothers, our Indian brothers and some Central American households.


The earliest bread grains was first created by hands with rocks, resulting from coarse and whole grain bread. The process was only refined around 800 B.C through the early stages of milling. For hundreds of years, it was widely distributed as a whole loaves to be cut at home. Not until in 1917, when jeweler Otto Rohwedder created the first mechanized bread slicer.


In 1969, Horatio Sye Slocumm was sent in Malaysia to start a bakery, that is where Gardenia was born. Within the span of four short years, it became the leader in the bread industry with an astounding 99 percent brand recall rate and 80 percent top-of-mind recall. Gardenia’s range of products grew and evolved through the years, becoming better and better. And now produces a variety of baked products to satisfy consumers’ demands.


With that brief history, it’s no wonder how a 35-year of baking experiences brought the Gardenia brand into a popular household name. Fast forward, Gardenia has created different bread treats. One is the famous Gardenia White Bread Classic. Gardenia adapting to the demand of the health-conscious consumers created a healthy line of Gardenia Breads.

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These are the High Fiber Whole wheat Bread, Slim&Fit Wheaten Bread, High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf, and Wheat Cranberry Loaf. In addition to their array of products, they added their flavorlicious indulgences (California Raisin Loaf, Chocolate Chip Loaf, Double Delights Ube & Cheese Loaf, Double Delights Choco and Mocha Loaf, Double Delights Strawberry and Blueberry Loaf, Amazing Black Forest Loaf, Amazing Butterscotch Loaf), Pandesal & Buns (Premium Pandesal, Soft Delight Pandesal, Whole Wheat Pandesal, Cheese Buns, California Raisin Buns), Filled Buns (Mini Fun Bun Custard Cream, Cheese Pimiento Cream Roll, Pizza Cream Roll, Butter Sugar Cream Roll, Chocolate Cream Roll, Cookies ‘N Cream Cream Roll, Choco Strawberry Cream Roll, Rocky Road Cream Roll, Chocolate Fun Bun, Ube Fun Bun, Peach Mango Fun Bun), Pocket Sandwich (Pocket Sandwich Raspberry & Peanut Butter, Pocket Sandwich White Chocolate & Blueberry, Cheese-Filled Filled White Bread, Strawberry Pastillas Filled White Bread, Peanut Butter Filled White Bread, Chocolate Filled White Bread), Snack Cakes (Twiggies Yellow Cake, Twiggies Pink Cake, Twiggies Choco-Brown Cake, Chocolate Muffin, Blueberry Muffin, Banana Choco Muffin), Toasty Treats (Butter Toast, Garlic Toast, Cinnamon Toast, Honey Wheat Toasties, Butter Toasties, Cheese Toasties), and NeuBake products (NueBake Super Slice Chocolate Flavored Loaf, NeuBake Super Slice Ube Flavored Loaf, NeuBake Spanish Bread, NeuBake Wheaten Bread, NeuBake Ube Bread Roll, NeuBake Pandecoco Bread Roll, NeuBake White Bread, NeuBake Super Slice White).

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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You can contact them or book a plant tour at:
(Laguna Plant) Gardenia Centre, Star Avenue, Laguna International Industrial Park (LIIP), Mamplasan, Binan, Laguna (Cebu Plant) Gardenia Lapu-Lapu Centre, M.L. Quezon National Highway, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu (02) 889-8889 to 90 / (02) 845-0971 (02) 832-3100 to 01 / (049) 539-1136 to 40 / (SMART) 0920 911-4606 (GLOBE) 0917 894-2341

Visit their website HERE.



Personally, I have been eating Gardenia Brand for its tasty and quality products. There are many brands out there in the market, but they are all incomparable to Gardenia by a mile. The softness and thickness of the bread, the pleasing aroma and the taste is just so right. It has folate-enriched with vitamins and minerals, zero trans fat and cholesterol free. So freshness is always quaranteed. The white and flavored breads are my favorites while some of my relatives and friends preferred the High Fiber and Slim&Fit varieties. Its buns and rolls are perfect for the snacks of the little children going to school.

Flash Sale Best seller&special offers, Up to 50% off. Shop now!

The Big Sale! Up to 70% off

The Kids’ Resort Haven


There is a resort in the North that caters every kids’ dream

More than 4 hours drive from Metro Manila, near the famous Sunflower Farm in Tayug, there is a famous resort somewhere in Rosales that is indeed a haven for the kids and kids at heart. Located Brgy. Rizal, Provincial Road, Rosales, Pangasinan, a 10-15 minutes drive to SM Rosales.

Cozy Place Resort is truly a cozy resort. Giant ornaments, dinosaur-and-flowery-themed, colorful resort design and the vintage wooden nipa huts to give shelter to the excursionists at an affordable cost of rent. True to its name, its swimming pools are made for toddlers and pre-adolescent kids. It has 8 swimming pools, and only one pool is dedicated for adults with a 6-feet depth and the rest are children-friendly depth. There are 2-curved high slides opposite each other, and 3-straight middle slides if you want a direct immersive experience straight to the water. You could also immerse yourself under the water fall that is ideal for meditative purpose. There are also colorful small containers that drops water at a specific interval. An umbrella-like fountain, and children mini-slides at almost every pool. Foliage and palm trees gives a shade for UV-conscious customers They also have amenities like grilling area, eating area, outside shower area and a videoke area. They have event center and a lodge for conventions and group activities. And a nice looking and clean hotel if you want to book for a room during your stay.

For more information and booking, contact them at:
Contact Numbers: (075)632-7713 / (63)917-5011444

Entrance Fees:
Adults and Kids: Php 150.00
Kids below 3ft: Php 75.00

Hotel Room Rates
Check In Time: 2:00 P.M.
Check Out Time:12:00 N.N.

Standard Room (2 pax) : Php. 1,800.00
Triple Room (3 pax) : Php. 2,200.00
Family Room (4 pax) : Php. 2,800.00
Family Penthouse (4 pax) : Php. 3,500.00
Family Penthouse (6 pax) : Php. 4,500.00
Suite Room (2 pax) : Php. 3,500.00
Additional Guest : php. 400.00

Disclaimer: Prices subject to change without any prior notice so contact them. Drinks (only allowed inside the room), and pets are not allowed in the premises.  Swimming attire is a must.

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

It is indeed a great place for kids solely because of its child-friendly seven (7) swimming pools. But for adults, you will only contain yourself with a single swimming pool, and for tall guys above 6-feet, that is not impressive. The location is great because you can buy anything outside and the stores are accessible. Plus if you want to hang out and eat dinner at SM Rosales, it is likely possible and convenient due to its nearness. The resort is good and child-haven but for its services and some amenities, it needs more improvements.

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There are instagramable areas good for photo ops and selfie fad. The cafeteria or canteen also needs a lot of improvement. The rooms aren’t fully-furnished but the basics are there. There is still an on-going constructions and or repairs at some areas. But the security is great and there are warning signs within the premises.

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Review: Put your Head on my Shoulder

Chinese Title: 致我们暖暖的小时光
Origin: China (Adapted from a Novel)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School, Youth, Friendship, Family
Actors: Fei Xing (Si Tu Mo); Lin Yi (Gu Wei Yi)

As Si Tu Mo’s graduation is nearing, she is confused about her future plans. She tries out all sorts of things all the time and is unable to make her own decisions. Her ordinary days are suddenly shaken up when the genius Physics student Gu Wei Yi appears in her life. The two accidentally end up living together and chaos begins.

(Source: CdramaBase)

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have watched other Chinese dramas recently, so I am not new in how Chinese make their dramas. I was actually surprised that it evolved and adapted the Korean, and Japanese drama style. Whenever I hear Chinese dramas, what comes in mind are flying daggers, fantasy, magic and outstanding action scenes similar to Hong Kong. I was quite hesitant when it comes to Romance dramas. But it so happened that I came across one of its popular Romance Comedy recently, the Chinese Adaptation of the Meteor Garden 2018 which I honestly liked among all its adaptations.

After which, I saw this another Chinese Romance Comedy entitled, “Put your head on my Shoulder”. The teaser was great that it made me watched the entire series in Youtube.

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First is the story, I am very particular when  it comes to the story of a drama. It is my first criteria and the breaking point if I should watch it or not. I don’t care whether it is popular. I watched some popular Romance Comedy dramas that didn’t impress me based in the plot alone. The story of Put your head on my Shoulder is light. It was cute so to speak and consistent until the end. I avoided watching heavily themed drama these days, so Put your head on my Shoulder is just right. There wasn’t any heavy conflicts, and villains. It is just the romantic and cute everyday encounter of Mo Mo (Si Tu Mo) and Gu Wei Yi. 


Lovely Wholesale

The characters were shallow but their was a character maturity along the way. Unlike the typical Romance genre of a love triangle cliche, I didn’t find that in this drama. There was an introduction of supposedly love interest but there was no affairs or flirting  What made this consistent is the undeniable chemistry of Fei Xing and Lin Yi. Lin Yi by the way is a new actor and this is his first lead role. I am surprised that he delivered a great acting here for a first timer in a lead. The same as Dylan Wang who delivered a great acting for the Meteor Garden 2018, a new actor and first time in a lead role. I see a bright future for Dylan Wang and Lin Yi. Not every new actor in a lead role can deliver a great acting.

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There was a side story of Fu Pei and Shan Shan in this drama.  Do not fret, they took an important part to the life of the main casts especially in Si Tu Mo’s. The chemistry of Lin Yi and Fei Xing is so natural. I shipped their pair to be a real couple someday. Mo Mo is bubbly, cute and her antics are so natural. Meanwhile, Gu Wei Yi is kind of a serious, good-looking nerd and goody-goody type of a guy. But he also values friendship and he isn’t the nerd and boring type of a guy given that he is a topnotcher and genius college student among his co-leagues. dramawiki


Overall, it was a feel good romance comedy drama that you will love. Very relatable and their relationship maybe typical but how they manage the everyday crisis was the takeaway. There are many cute and funny moments of these two that you can’t help but to smile. Btw, Gu Wei Yi was a faithful guy. The ending was cliche, but I think it was the right thing to do. Not the greatest, but I think it is great in its own way.

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Mary and the Witch’s Flower Review

Japanese: メアリと魔女の花
Meari to Majo no Hana
Produced by: Yoshiaki Nishimura
Released: 2017

Mary Smith moves into the British estate of her Great Aunt Charlotte ahead of her parents. The bored, friendless girl tries to make herself useful through chores, but she repeatedly messes up. A local boy named Peter teases her for both her clumsiness and her wild red hair, which she hates.

Tib-cat and Gib-cat, Peter’s cats, lead Mary to some mysterious glowing flowers. Zebedee, the estate gardener, identifies the flowers as “fly-by-night”; legend has it that witches covet the flower for its magical power. The next day, Gib-cat disappears and Mary follows Tib-cat to go look for her. Tib-cat leads her to a broomstick ensnared in a tree’s roots. Mary frees the broomstick but accidentally bursts a fly-by-night bulb on it. The bulb releases magical power in the form of a blue gelatinous substance, making the broomstick come to life and enabling Mary to ride it like a witch. The Little Broomstick whisks Mary and Tib-cat away to a complex of buildings hidden in the clouds, known as Endor College for witches.

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The headmistress Madame Mumblechook assumes Mary is a new pupil with Tib-cat as her familiar and takes her on a tour of the college. The tour reveals a campus with modern technology and conveniences, wherein witches take courses in the magic arts alongside fields of science such as chemistry. During the tour, Madame introduces Mary to Doctor Dee, the College’s renowned chemistry teacher. Mary finds herself able to perform advanced spells such as invisibility. Madame and Doctor Dee become convinced that Mary is a prodigy, because of her performance as well as her red hair, which turns out to be a distinguishing feature among the best witches.

At Madame’s office, Mary finds a spellbook hidden behind a picture of fly-by-night. Mary admits that her magical ability comes from fly-by-night and that Tib-cat actually belongs to Peter. Madame’s attitude to Mary suddenly changes, but she still lets Mary return home. That night, Madame sends a message to Mary informing her that she’s kidnapped Peter, and demands that Mary turn the fly-by-night bulbs to her. She and Tib-cat quickly fly back to Endor with the bulbs, but Madame and Doctor Dee imprison her instead in Doctor Dee’s transformation spell lab. Mary finds Peter locked in the lab with her, and discovers that Doctor Dee has been experimenting on animals transforming them into fantastic creatures, including Gib-cat. In the spellbook, Mary finds a spell that can undo all magic, and she uses it to undo all the transformations and to unlock the lab. They try to escape on the Little Broomstick, but Madame and Doctor Dee recapture Peter.

The Little Broomstick takes Mary to an isolated cottage. Within the cottage, Mary finds notes on transformation spells and a mirror that Great Aunt Charlotte uses to contact her. Charlotte reveals that the cottage was her previous home, and she used to be a red-haired pupil that excelled at Endor. But one day Charlotte found fly-by-night on the campus, leading Madame and Doctor Dee to obsessively pursue a project to use the flower to transform all humans into witches. When one of their experiments disastrously failed, Charlotte decided to escape Endor, taking the flower with her. Charlotte begs Mary to use her last bulbs to return home, but Mary vows to rescue Peter instead.

Mary returns to Endor and finds Madame and Doctor Dee trying to use the flower to transform Peter into a witch. But the experiment fails again, leaving Peter trapped within a gelatinous monster that rampages across the campus. Mary gets the spellbook to Peter, and Peter uses it to undo the failed experiment as well as all of Madame and Doctor Dee’s research. Mary and Peter finally return home, with Mary throwing away her last bulb and saying she does not need magic.

Source: Wikipedia

My Review:

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐

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It’s a feel-good movie. The story is light and it has the elements of a typical Japanese anime. What is impressive about this movie and it should be commendable is its animation. It didn’t fail an otaku like me, instead, it delivered an outstanding to almost perfect animation quality.

Meteor Garden 2018 Review

GenreRomantic comedy
Based onMeteor Garden, Boys Over Flowers (花より男子 Hana Yori Dango)
Written bySharon Mao
Directed byLin Helong
StarringShen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, Connor Leong
Opening theme“For You” by Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), Darren Chen (官鸿), Caesar Wu (吴希泽), Connor Leong (梁靖康)
Ending theme“Love Exists” (爱,存在) by Kiki Wei (魏奇奇)
Country of originChina


At last! Another great drama had ended. It’s sad when a series you patiently waited and watched until the end will bid its farewell. Just as I often said, I am very particular and meticulous in watching a drama series. Be it Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or Filipino telenovelas. Honestly, I never liked the Meteor Garden 2001 nor its other adaptations. But I did watch some of it for comparison purposes, so I could come up with this review.

Meteor Garden 2001 and the rest of its adaptations were heavily dramatized. Those years were the golden era of heavy drama. But since the heavy influence of Korean dramas, light dramas are the norm nowadays. Yes, heavy drama is a thing of the past, or I should just put it as not a trend anymore. Going back to today’s Meteor Garden 2018. Its finale is somewhat unexpected but heavily cliched. But I preferred its finale today, given that Daoming Si and Shancai’s family ties and values were highlighted in this adaptation more than the romance of Daoming Si and Dong Shancai in its past adaptations.


I preferred the retaliation and redemptive effort of Daoming Si’s mother in the ending more than the vague-barcelona-scene-tourist-guide-camera-fell-DaomingSi-appearance-out-of-nowhere ending. The drama gave us the mother’s change of heart because she loved her son through Doaming Feng. The great Daoming Feng is still a mother with a heart after all, which was portrayed in this adaptation. The re-enactment of Daoming Si’s arrogant behaviour to check if Shancai was a gold digger during the first episodes is something creative, memorable and at the same time re-assurance that Shancai is indeed not for Daoming Si’s fortune. I liked that unexpected part.

I made my initial review before but now that I watched all of its episodes, I would say that there was a character development both on Dong Shancai and Daoming Si’s part. Initially, I said that Shancai was more immature in my first review, but the last episodes made her mature, but still selfish. Selfish in a way that, she is willing to fight for real for her love to Daomimg Si unlike before that she was selfish for herself and always playing the victim card. Unlike the Meteor Garden 2001 that the romantic moments of Daoming Si and Dong Shancai were limited.

I thought it would end that same way but the 2018 adaptation’s romantic scenes were highlighted in the later to final parts which I could say is befitting and fans were eagerly waiting for more of it. Shancai and Daoming Si deserved those scenes which were nowhere in their previous adaptations. The Perseid meteor shower ending was superb. It reminded me of the Japanese anime movie ‘Your Name,’ which is one of my fave anime to date. Sadly, it was an emotional moment in 2001. The amnesia plot is over the top in today’s drama.

Lastly, Shen Yue and Dylan Wang gave justice to their roles. I would also commend the other characters, they all did great! There should be no comparison among its adaptation and it boils down to one’s preference. But personally, this adaptation is the best for me. Overall, it’s just light and there was a bit of realism, which caters to the generation today. The romantic moments were there and the family relationship was highlighted. It wouldn’t disappoint both the previous fans and the new fans.

Kudos to all the casts and crew. You all did great!

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