The dangers of this new generation has been increasingly alarming. Your children are more susceptible to dangers that aren’t visible to the public eye. If you aren’t careful enough, your children could be potential victims.

This generation has been prone to abuses unlike the previous generations. Physical attacks from bullies, social pressures from peers. Abusive words from online friends, unfiltered contents that exposes your children to pornography. Animated contents that imparts same sexual orientations that causes confusion for a boy or a girl. Online games that ruins your children’s academic performance, and even the use of gadgets at a young age tend to have a strong emotional, psychological and social impact that greatly affects their cognitive and social behavior both as a student and as an individual.

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Gone are the days where a stranger will give candies to your children and abduct him/her. Although social experiments are continuously promoting awareness of this issue. Gone are the days where your child will fight head to head with his bully but instead, silently suffers and later on commit a suicide because depression took its toll in his fragility. Gone are the days where your children will attend pajama parties or group studies, instead, pre-occupied with drinking sessions and online gaming activities. Just as how fast the technology is changing, your children are facing extreme dangers in reality, virtual realm, social media and even emotional attacks.


Children nowadays are actively participating in trending topics, hashtag parties, and challenges that are extreme to deadly. Simple challenges like make-up transformation challenge and ice-bucket challenge. Extreme challenges like kiki challenge and selfie challenge while driving, to name a few. But these are just a few of the disturbing trends that Generation Z, or the Gen Z are partaking.


Child trafficking has been rampant over the years. It has been the topic in the global news over the issues of missing children and abducted children. Lately, abducted children has been circulating both online and traditional media worldwide as some sources claims that they are abducting children and their organs are being sold in the black market. Other incidents surfaces such they are being sold to pedophiles and lolicons in the internet.

See: 10 kidnapped children found dead in Tanzania with missing body parts, ministry says



Rumors surfaced about a deadly suicide game circulating online. The Blue Whale Suicide Game, is believed to be a social media group where the group administrator assigns daily tasks to members which will be completed when you finished the 50th task, where it was reported that they will instruct the young gamer to commit suicide.

See: What is the Blue Whale suicide game, how many deaths are linked to the challenge and is it in the UK?


Credit: Xbox

Among all the famous online games for children, Minecraft is not just about virtual building blocks and creating your own world. There are incidents of molesters called groomers who operates in this game. Sexually explicit languages are indicators that you are playing with a groomer. This culprit asks personal information of the young victim, the victim’s location, where the child’s parents’ work and how long are they playing the game. It was supposedly a friendship, and trust development within the game but sexual predators are using it as bait to their victims.

See: Minecraft: Grooming dangers for children gaming online


Credit: Microsoft

Dubbed as the number one gaming site for children, recommended for ages 7 and up, and roughly has 64 million users, who would have thought that the game you thought was for children will have explicit contents contrary to the youngster’s age. This game is similar to Minecraft where it contains a multiplayer gaming online platform that allows the user to create their own personal avatar and own adventures.


See: Mom Is Warning Parents About an Online Game After Her 7-Year-Old’s Character Was Sexually Assaulted


Credit: GameSpot

A Hunger Games-like multiplayer shooting game played by 40 million users worldwide where they hunt for weaponry and hunt your enemies. (If you are familiar with games such as PUBG and the vintage game CounterStrike, you will have an idea of this game.) The issue is not just about enjoying the game but rather the familiarity of the weapons and the confidence of having a gun. The US has been lately scrutinize in its gun ban as mass shooting has been prevalent in schools recently.

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See: Why I Don’t Want My Kid Playing Fortnite


Among all the famous games in this list, Momo Challenge is by far a game that started from conspiracy theorist. Claiming it now as a hoax, it was an actual sculpture of a mother bird by a Japanese sculpture. Later this Momo(the famous icon) bird image was used in the deep web and surfaced in a form of Momo Challenge.

See: Adults are the only ones who fell for the Momo hoax


Just like child trafficking, this has been in the internet since time immemorial. mIRC, Yahoo Chatrooms, Camfrog, and now Tinder, Grindr, Messenger are some of the famous chat and video calling applications that are used by sexual offenders, maniacs, pedophiles, hookers, exes, womanizers, hackers and revenge seekers to access photos and videos. It is even used as a tool on sharing video scandals and leak unwarranted files of a victim.

See: Connecticut man sentenced in celebrity photo hacking scandal

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There is no safe place for your children. Even the virtual world has been flooded with disturbing and dangerous things and trends. How then can we protect our children?

  • Know what they are up to
  • Check their accounts once in a while
  • Try to meet their friends both in real and online
  • Get their trust so they will open up
  • Listen to every detail of their stories
  • Avoid prolong social engagements with strangers
  • Set a time for the usage of their gadget

The greatest thing you could do as a parent is to make a time with your children.

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If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.
-Abigail Van Buren

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Much has been said on both sides of the issue. Duterte has always been straightforward to his tirades against the priests and the Catholic church, and he is right all along.


Recently, Vatican held a 4-day sexual abuse summit tackling the serious issue circulating around the inner walls of Catholic churches since time immemorial.


“It’s true,” Francis said. “There are priests and bishops who have done that.” (NYTimes)

The pope recently condoned bishops and church dignitaries in the meeting. Citing the sexual abuse has been a global issue on both religious and moral sects. It was the first time that the Vatican publicly admitted the issue.

Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said Feb. 20 the meeting will be an “interdicasterial meeting” of members of the Vatican offices connected to the issue of abuse, though he did not say exactly who would be present. It was noted that the meeting will also include experts on the protection of minors. (CNA)

Pope Francis urged the committee to come up with concrete actions not just accusations of the issue. He encouraged the committee to hear the cry of the victims and that justice should be given to them. He urged the bishops to discuss it in a synodal and sincere manner.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines and the Catholic Church has been critical to Duterte since he took the presidential position. It became a somewhat “tirade episode” of both parties, especially when the issue about extra-judicial killings was a hot topic.

Tagle made the remark after Duterte attacked the Catholic Church for lecturing about morality despite its supposed failure to address the sexual abuses involving the clergy. (Philstar)

Attended the summit at the Vatican. Cardinal Tagle made a “pained admission”– (CNNPhilippines), of the president’s tirade against the Catholic Church and some of its clergies’ misconducts. It also brought enlightenment to the hypocrisy that has been going on inside the walls of the Catholic churches.


The Catholic Church had received numerous criticisms from the Filipinos, especially from Duterte’s supporters for showing biases, hypocrisies and inappropriate sermons against Duterte and his leadership. Now that this summit was established, it is therefore a heed to the religious organization to refrain from malicious accusations and semantic languages just to point out their disapproval of Duterte’s presidency. In the first place, the church should mind their own business, unless it concerns religious degradation.


Chivalry Should Not Be Dead


February 14, 2019. I am certain that every lovers and anyone who knows how to love knew this day. It is one of those dates that should never be forgotten, aside from of course, birthdays and anniversaries. It is the day where color “red” is rampant, images of heart in every corners of the streets and flooding in your social media feeds. The only day where hotels and motels are fully-booked, and restaurants are fully-reserved. Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day!

See also: The Love of a Father

Every year it is somehow part of the tradition to give chocolates and flowers to your beloved. For girls, some are liberated enough to take the initiative of giving their boyfriends a gift, rather than the norm. It is very common that you could see partners HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) everywhere. Believe me, unlike any ordinary days, it is only during Valentines that you will encounter overrated sweetness and PDA (Public Display of Affection) at the malls, at the parks, at the restaurants and going in the hotels. Excessive cheesiness alert for those who are single. (IKR?) So, you might think of cancelling your personal engagements if you are a single who isn’t comfortable on such sights.

Smarthome, Inc.

See also: No Greater Love

Just as how lovers dearly loved each other, it is also important to consider to be safe. How?  By keeping yourself protected. Recently, HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) cases has doubled if not tripled this last decade. Ages from 13-25 are the ages where high widespread of AIDS patients contracted the disease. Due to the liberation of the society, pre-marital sex and same sex has been common to the point where everyone is doing it. To the point where even at a young age, they are well-experienced. Just like a commodity that can be easily bought, at a cheap price. Keep yourself protected – use contraceptives and wear condoms. The generation today is so aggressive in love and courtship. Virginity today is never an issue, unlike during the 90s and early 2000s  where couples are more conservative and preferred the virgins as their spouses. Well, we might differ in opinion but affairs has been easy and more common nowadays. Thanks to the television shows and soap operas promoting affairs and divorces, the youths has been influenced (sarcasm intended).

See also: Love and Writing

At the end of the day, it is your relationship. For girls, it is your body while for boys it is your chivalry. Keeping away from pre-marital sex and getting to know each other are still a few of the best practices in love and courtship.

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The Beauty in the Far Provinces

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Passion vs Practical vs Normal (The Long Term)


With a snap, this idea just suddenly popped out of my head. Personally, I have an attitude where I tend to get easily bored at something. It’s not like a form of indecisiveness, nor like I am a boring person. I just had a sudden thought that is playing in my mind, so I feel like venting it out in here. There are differences among passion, practicality, and normalcy, especially when we are talking about the long-term effects of these three. As I go on further in this topic, I want to remind the readers that these are not mere speculations, but a part of this is based on my personal experiences and how I feel.

See also: The Beauty in the Far Provinces

You see, as I continue to grow and learn, I learn one of the best things to continue in life. It is doing your passions. I know, some of you might not agree. Or you might say, it is subjective. I will try not to answer it, instead, give you my personal insights. Passion is a great motivation to one’s self. Yes, you have dreams, goals in life whether it is short-term or long-term. But without passion, probably, you will only fulfill it halfway in your entire life. Fulfillment is a personal choice. It is not based on achieving material things or social status. Fulfillment is synonymous with contentment. Why personal? Because we have different views on this. But believe me, the climax of this will still be about yourself.

Helping your parents, accomplishing a degree, working in a rewarding job, owning a house, conceiving a child, and a hefty bank account. Those are good, but they shouldn’t affect you, nor your passion. I heard people say, they are contented with what they have. That their only goal is to help their parents etc. Again, that is not about doing your passion. Do not interchange passion with obligation (responsibility). I’m telling you now, in the end, you will feel exhausted not doing what you REALLY like.

See also: When the passion is Gone?

Passion is the fullness of what you really like from the bottom of your heart. The fullness of what REALLY matters to you. What you want in life. That no matter what the outcome, at least you did it. No obligation, no blaming, and no regrets. Just because you fell halfway, you will stop. Passion is an emotional attachment to your inner self. That even though you stopped doing it, it will always be within you. It’s okay if you fall, and it’s definitely okay to postpone it for a while. Take a break. But the problem is TIME is irreversible and limited.

See also: Love and Writing

Practicality is an ever-changing trend. Normally, it is seasonal. Why? Say, the trend of the degree people are studying. Two years ago, it was Nursing, then last year it was Education, and now what? Hospitality? Customer Service? Some of us based our decision on the trending degree, or trending job. Again, we are talking about the long term here. Yes, you will help your parents. Yes, you will repay your debts. Yes, you can buy a house and a car, etc. But until when? Sadly, the chances of succeeding in life are minimal. The blame game, folks! I won’t deny that your parents had to do with most of these. But again, pursue your passion after achieving what your parents want you to.

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Normalcy is the state of being normal. Being ordinary. It’s good, in some ways. Unless, you don’t want to grow, not getting the material things you really want, not getting the job you want, not going to your travel destinations, and live your life being mediocre. It is not about being choosy, but do not settle on a lucrative job. Unless it’s the job you passionately want. Being ambitious is not a sin. But being normal will only harbor regrets and a half-ass achievement in life. Being “normal” is not for those whose mindset is to become someone in the future. Being normal is not for visionaries. That is why there is a big difference between the rich and the poor in mindset alone.


At the end of the day, it’s your life. It’s your experience. No one can dictate your happiness or your state of contentedness. But, I want to let you know, that doing your passion is still the BEST decision. When you are passionate about serving others, there is no gossips and back fighting. When you are passionate about your job, there will be innovations. When you are passionate about whatever you do, there is no weariness and it will pay off to your advantage. And lastly, when you are at the point in your life that you feel tired and disappointed, relax and take a break.

See also: Finding Harry Novel

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The Writer’s Heart

Nowadays, there are many “so-called” famous young writers. They are products of either a Writing Competition or the Wattpad. But really, are they that good? Or they are just using their influence to gain readers? And the worst? It’s by creating numerous accounts just to create publicity or gain reads (views) in their works.


See also: Passion vs Practical vs Normal (The Long Term)

In a generation where stories have gotten cliched, or copying (knowingly or unknowingly) other’s plot has been in almost every story, one cannot know whether it’s still worth it or not.
In an ocean of great books, famous writers, and recycled storylines, how can a mere amateur writer make it to the top? Next to J K. Rowling, Stephen King, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and so forth. Yes, I heard you. It’s through a gimmick.


I will tell you straight to your face dear, the gimmick is a lame but easiest way to be known. Its success rate depends on two things. First, the gravity of your gimmickry. Some gimmicks of these young writers range from wearing a mask to wearing an all-black, to wearing an eyeglass, to more absurd if not bizarre costumes and the list goes on. Who cares if the story isn’t even worth it, if you can pull off that gimmick, right?

See also: When the Passion is Gone?

Second, it also depends on your readers. Yes, dear, to make that gimmick successful, you must have a huge following. Take note that it is crucial for an amateur writer to be friendly, and polite to gain readers. Especially the teens, they are mostly your readers. You must always interact with them even with a simple “Hi”, click that “Like” button if you can’t accommodate them. Because if you didn’t, they might think that you are a snob. That for some, it might affect their interest, and eventually, you will lose a follower.

But you see, above all these gimmicks that they are coming up with, they have forgotten the essence of writing a story. A great story reflects the heart of the author. You as a writer are giving away your personality, time, and thoughts to your work. Sadly, the world isn’t fair – so is writing. Readers and writers nowadays are only looking for that “romantic excitement”. They lose that depth in what they write or do. They lose that creative imagination to a point that everything is – shallow. 

See also: Writer’s Block and Blank Page Syndrome


Gimmick or not, a true writer should still have that heart in his craft. Your writing ability is what matters. Regardless if you don’t have that number of reads your story deserves. Because a great story will be remembered if not now, maybe sometime in the future. Imagine yourself as a famous writer, with a great plot and a simple gimmick to compliment? You can never go wrong! And for that, you deserved my applause.

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  ©All rights reserved 2018


It’s this time of the year again where everyone is doing another list of unaccomplished and unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions.   Yep, those trending set of goals every start of the year where you either failed miserably not to accomplish it by the end of the year or you are part of those lucky ones who made a phenomenal change to their lifestyle. For writers that were born in the year of the dog, this might be your lucky year!


See also: Writer’s Block and Blank Page Syndrome  

Point of View

To be honest, I find it odd that I am writing this subject when I actually don’t believe in astrology, fortune-telling, horoscopes, and alike. I just came up with this subject because I came across this Chinese Astrology thingy and I felt that this would encourage those writers who believed in these things.   Year of the Dog I wouldn’t be precise on what years are included in the year of the dog except that 2018 is included. According to Chinese Astrology, one of the ideal jobs for those people born in this year of the dog is Writer. Raise your hopes fellow writers, this is your year.   So, how would you want to restart or refresh again your writing skills? A simple question that sounds easy, yet it is difficult to accomplish.

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For starters, before you start your typical writing day, spend at least 3-5 minute sessions, and work your way up to half an hour or even longer. This way, it will ward off any negative energy within you and your surroundings. It will also increase your patience, your mental state and strengthen your predictive and judgment ability. For beginners, you really have to avoid unnecessary thoughts like when you are excited to jot down or type the plot in your head. Try to relax and let that calming aura manifest.

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This time, you need to be more critical when writing your story. Critical in the sense that you should be more aware of plotholes and the uniformity of the events and characters. Before you just write down what you have in mind but this time you have to know in advance the complexities of the personality of your characters. The transition of growth and look of each main character. And how these events will be interconnected.  


If you are dedicated to last year, try to be even more this year. Stress, work, and laziness are some of the hindrances of a typical writer. Renew your priorities and if you are really passionate about writing, make writing the number one priority on your to-do list every day. Always think of your writing goal- become a better writer each year.



This is inevitable as we are faced with different circumstances every day. Our surroundings can greatly affect our mood. We can be inspired, but sometimes it can also discourage us. Some of these factors are news, society, relationships, financial, and job security. When you enter your writing aura, try to forget these things for a while and let your creativity and imagination overtake you.

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While this is mainly for the writers that were born in the year of the dog, let us not forget that regardless of your zodiac, you are still a writer on your own. Just like the famous mantra “change is inevitable and constant”, so change your writing style and habits. But not the passion and your heart as a writer. What writing habits have you accomplished last year that you want to improve this year?  

©All rights reserved 2018  

Source Material: Writing Fate

When the Passion is Gone?

Passion. Is it really a strong feeling? Is it really a strong desire or urge for something or someone? Is it endless? Or maybe it was just a normal feeling? And just like any other emotion, it has its limit?


See also: You Are Never Worthless

While I was writing this, I had my fair share of emotions popping inside my head. Thoughts about my relationship, my job, my writing, and also about myself. As my mind wanders, I feel like I’m lost. When I think about it, I feel like that passion is slowly fading. I don’t know why. Maybe, there’s a problem with myself? Or perhaps, I am actually the problem? I don’t know.


I always believed in happy endings. I always believed that somehow, love conquers all. I am a romantic guy by heart, though it isn’t obvious (Ikr?) It was the idea that I always had in mind. It was ideal, that I always try to hold on to. But well, I came from a broken family and yes, I guess everyone knew it. So, coming from that situation, I always admire a complete family. It was my desire to have that kind of family on my own. When I think about it, it’s not just a desire or passion but a MUST HAVE (regardless, any sacrifice that I have to endure). But I guess, that is just a fantasy. I know both must work on it. (I’m trying!) But I admit that there are times when I feel like I just want to give up. There are times when I feel like I want to just run away from all my responsibilities. There are times that I questioned myself if is it still worth it? I would be selfish with these thoughts but who isn’t? I know once or many times in your life that you came to this point. I love her, no doubt about it but is it still the same? Or does she still feel the same way to me? (who knows).

See also: The Love of A Father


I always had these ambitions that I try to keep for myself. Yes, all our decisions will affect our future. Well, I guess, I failed in here, miserably. But I believed that all things work together for good. So all the circumstances that happened in our life had their meaning and purpose that will surely unfold if not now, later in the future. Everyone dreamt of becoming someone. Everyone wants an entitlement. Everyone wants to achieve something and Yes, I am no different from them. I came to a point in my life that I stopped dreaming about my future. Literally. I lost the ability to dream; that passion for building a successful future; that passion of going beyond the places that I’ve never been to. But I can say that I am trying to pursue it now, one by one. Those little steps aren’t bad, right? Because I don’t want to have any regrets later in my life.

See also: Passion vs Practical vs Normal (The Long Term)


I always wanted to write. Yes, I am hoping to publish the book I wrote aside from being part of the anthologies and contributions. But sometimes, I asked myself if it was really my passion to write or just a hobby? Before I could sustain sleepless nights just to finish a chapter but as time goes by, it is taking its toll on me. Maybe because of my work? Maybe because of laziness? I don’t know. There are times that I want to write but I feel like I have no inspiration. There are times that I thought about my next story but I don’t have the urge to write it down. But there are also times that I feel like quitting.

See also: Writer’s Block and Blank Page Syndrome

I believed that in everything we do, there should always be a passion to do it. It’s what motivates us. But, I also know that some of you are also at this point in your life. It’s hard for some (just like me). But try to hold on to it.. even when the passion is gone.

©All rights reserved 2017

You Are Never Worthless

Lately, I have been seeing suicide videos on the internet. So I had this sudden thought that, was a life that worthless? Was life that unfair to you and treated you so badly that taking your own life is the only way out? What will you tell God when you are in front of the Judgement throne? Think about it.


See also: The Love of a Father

| Suicide |noun. the intentional taking of one’s own life.

Photo Credit:
  • Quick Notes:
  • On average, there are 121 suicides per day.
  • Suicides Rates by Age: In 2015, the highest suicide rate (19.6) was among adults between 45 and 64 years of age. Adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 24 had a suicide rate of 12.5.
  • Suicide Rates by Race/Ethnicity: In 2015, the highest U.S. suicide rate (15.1) was among Whites and the second highest rate (12.6) was among American Indians and Alaska Natives.
  • Suicide Methods: In 2015, firearms were the most common method of death by suicide, accounting for a little less than half (49.8%) of all suicide deaths.

Honestly, I don’t pity those people that are committing suicide. Yes, you might think that I am being hard on this subject but we have to deal with it seriously. We all have the freedom to decide and to express ourselves in a manner we know-how. So taking your own life was your decision from the very beginning. You are alone to be blamed.

See also: No Greater Love

How can you say these things when you aren’t in my shoes?

“Been there, almost done that.” So, I can actually relate to this. Yes, you are not perfect. Yes, you are emotionally unstable. Yes, you don’t have the courage to face this kind of thing. Yes, you are fragile. Yes, you want to escape from reality. Yes, you are S-E-L-F-I-S-H! (wait, what?). Yes! You are selfish! It’s not like your problem was the worst problem one would experience. Think of the people you will leave behind.

We all have had our fair share of struggles and depressions. We all experience pain. There are people on the other side of the globe that is hanging between life and death. People who are begging, praying, and asking God to extend their life. People who never wanted to die in the midst of the bloody Syrian War. People who have Stage 4 Cancers and those who were in a comatose state.

Life is a gift from God. Never say that you are worthless because in God’s sight, we are special; we are important to Him, we are created according to His image (Gen. 1:27) and we are His children (Gal. 3:26).

The Cross became Meaningless. Jesus died on the cross because he loves us. His death became meaningless to those who thought Jesus’ crucifixion is worthless. Always remember that we are all worthy in God’s sight, regardless of anything or any circumstances. Think of this, if we are worthless, then Jesus should have not been crucified. And there should have not been shedding of the blood.

See also: The Writer’s Heart

John 3:16 ESV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are never worthless in the eyes of our perfect God.

©All rights reserved 2017.

Choose Your Friends


As I was reading my Facebook newsfeed, I came across this post about a crime done by a certain group of individuals or ‘barkada’ to an OFW.


1 Cor. 15:33
Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

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Psalm 1:1
Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers

This is one of the problems in our society. Hard-drinking, a little pot session, and late-night gigs at discos and bars. These are frivolous things that are heavily influenced by your friends or peers. Of course, I am publicly admitting that I was once guilty of either one or two of these. Oh, the Youth!


I am not saying that all your friends are that bad or good. It’s just that, we should be careful on who to trust and share some important matters in our lives. For they have the power to influence you, to destroy or build you up!

In a group of peers, there will always be different personalities. Also, let us not forget but remember, that there will always be this black sheep among them. Imagine a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and pretending and living among one of these sheep. It is ready to devour one of the sheep if given the opportunity.

And just like how Judas Iscariot seated among Jesus’ disciples. Where in the end, he betrayed Jesus for 30 shekels of silver. I hope that while reading this, you are not one with the Spirit of Judas Iscariot. Nor have the intention of receiving the 30 shekels to disown a friend in favor of the position.

Choosing a friend is like you already have a glimpse of your future. Why? How come? It’s simply because, how they are living their life and how they impart their special attributes to you will also affect you and your outlook in life. I know some of you might disagree and say ‘I have a lot of drug-addicted friends but I ended up professional and not in jail‘. Good for you then, because you chose not to be influenced by this thing. It only means that you should use that opportunity or that thought to help your fellow friends not be involved in that destructive thing.



Simple! Be a good son or daughter or a good father or mother. Be a good follower. Be a good influence and role model. Be humble. Be a good friend. Be a good listener. Be ready to accept criticisms. Do not tolerate. Encourage and lift them up. Lead a life that will testify to the goodness of God. Lead a life that will strengthen them through God. Lead a life full of compassion. Lead a life that will lead them to Salvation. Lead a life through the eyes of God and His words. And lastly, lead a life in a way how you will make a great positive impact in their lives!

©All rights reserved 2017

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