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The Philippine Ancient Scripts: Baybayin

Baybayin Chesz Dylan

The Philippines has been a colonized country way back in 1521 under the Spanish Empire led by the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan until the Philippine Revolution in 1898. After which Spanish – American war took place and the U.S took possession of the Philippines prompting again another war, the Philippine – American war from 1899 to 1902. This year, the Philippines will celebrate its 122 years of independence.

Philippine Scripts Baybayin

Baybayin: The Native Script

Before Filipinos learned Spanish and other dialects, Filipino ancestors had an alphabet of their own. From the Tagalog term meaning “alphabet”, it is recorded to have been existed since the 16th century. Baybayin is more of a syllabary, it comes from the root word “Baybay” which means “to spell”. Some dubbed it as “Alibata” which is according to Paul Rodriguez Versoza came from the arrangement of the Arabic alphabet: alif, ba, ta, eliminating the letter “f“. He is a member of the old National Language Institute and also the person behind the alibata name. However, due to the inaccuracy and illegitimacy of evidence, it never materialized.

Baybayin 101
Harley Oñes

There are early Spanish accounts stating that baybayin is also called Tagalog letters or Tagalog writings. Visayan natives called it Moro writing. Many writing systems in Southeast Asia originated from the ancient scripts used in India about 2,000 years ago, and baybayin shares the same important features. Despite its spread in the Philippines around the 1500s, it began to decline in the 1600s. Some say due to practicality, others noted social expediency. However, in some parts of the country, it was never lost or forgotten, instead, it developed into distinct styles spoken by other natives.


Today, baybayin is taught in schools and some millennials are keen on learning it. For someone like me who is new to these ancient scripts, and despite my age, it piqued my interest. After learning a little of the Japanese scripts – Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, I find the baybayin almost similar to it including other scripts like Arabic. Take note though that I didn’t learn how to write Arabic and I badly needed a refresher from Japanese because I forgot as of this writing. And I have a not-so-good personal memory about the time I am learning the Japanese scripts (so, please bear with me).

Baybayin 101 Chesz Dylan

Learning baybayin is fun, I felt the Filipino pride somewhere in my heart. However, while it is fun learning it, I had a hard time with some letters since it doesn’t have an equivalent in baybayin. Some English words especially consonants don’t have a Baybayin equivalent. I have to transfer it to Tagalog in order to write its Baybayin scripts.

The Baybayin Vowels

Similar to the vowels in the English alphabet, the English alphabet consists of vowels such as a, e, i, o, u, in the baybayin scripts the vowels, however, are a, u/o, and i/e. However, to make an accurate sound, you have to put kudlit marks. An abugida is a method of writing in baybayin. The vowels along with kudlit marks work together to emphasize the sound. If the kudlit mark is placed above the letter, the a changes to i or e sound. While when placing the kudlit mark below the letter, it will sound like o or u.

The Baybayin Consonants

Similar to the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana, baybayin has consonants: ba, ka, da, ga, ha, la, ma, na, nga, pa, ta, wa, ya. Almost like in Japanese or other alphabets, it is written to how it sounded.

The difficulty when writing consonants in Baybayin scripts is when the consonants has no vowels. Generally, those letters are omitted.  But there is also a way how to write it. Based in Doctrina Christiana of 1593, the oldest surviving example of baybayin and similar to Japanese script, consonants can be separated by inserting a vowel in between and usually, it’s the same vowel that follows the consonant pair.

The Non-Baybayin Scripts

Similar to Kanji in Japanese, there are also some baybayin scripts that doesn’t have a direct equivalent. These letters are substituted as b for letter v, p for letter f, k or s for letter c as few of the examples.

Baybayin vowels and consonants Chesz Dylan

This language of ours is like any other,
it once had an alphabet and its own letters
that vanished as though a tempest had set upon
a boat on a lake in a time now long gone.

“To My Fellow Children”,
attributed to Jose Rizal, 1869
English translation by P. Morrow

Learning something new especially when it has to do something with your country’s tradition and rich history is fun and exciting. I got to write my name in baybayin.

Baybayin Chesz

You can use this link to generate your baybayin name.

The Philippine Ancient Scripts Baybayin

Did you learn something? Do you see the similarity of Baybayin from other foreign alphabets? Tell us in the comments section below.

Black Lives Matter: Does It Matter? A Christian Take On The Issue

Black live matter christian perspective

I see churches that are in favor of black lives matter. I just want to share my opinion about this. Bear in mind that I believed in the separation of state and church. And I am against racism. You see, there are underlying problems within the agenda itself. You may not agree with what I will say but since some churches agree with the black lives matter agenda, I assumed that you are also in favor of riots, destroying of properties, looting, and stealing? And that is never Christ-likeness. We all know that this incident is not known given the previous issues surrounding this movement, right? There are recorded incidents that happened prior to this Floyd incident, right? So, I assumed you are aware of it?

Black Lives Matter Christian View
Proverbs 29:18 ESV
Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.

Church, how are you? I know I am not in the position to say this. I am not a pastor. My faith is currently not on fire and I am nowhere denying that I don’t commit sins or whatever. That is not the issue. But is becoming relevant is now a part of the “new church normal”? I get the point that we have to pray for them, pray for the family of Floyd. Love all races. There is no discrimination against God. Jesus loves his children regardless of color. These are all true. But what you are doing is conniving with the schemes of the devil. The devil will attack in ways that we thought are good and pleasant. This black lives matter movement is a perfect example of it.

Matthew 15:14 ESV
Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

We should stand for the faith we believed in. But standing for a worldly agenda is something that is against the will of God. Especially if the cause is not pleasing to God when it has a bad reputation and representation to some and could cause division within the Christian communities. This movement has been shrouded with diversionary schemes and propaganda pitting the democrats vs liberals, black vs white, pro vs anti-government, state vs religion, morals vs justice, and pagans vs Christians to clash. That is nowhere in the Bible.

1 Peter 2:13-17 ESV
Be subject for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good. For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people. Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.

Some religious groups would do prayer vigils. That is much better. That’s what we Christians should do in these times of covid and chaos. I don’t condemn churches that explicitly support a worldly cause. But I want to ask you a personal question, what do you think will Jesus do in times like this?


How To Address This Issue As A Christian

With the Black Lives Matter controversy, Christians are torn on how to address this kind of issue. How to react in this situation without compromising your faith? How to show God’s love without offending anyone?

1- Remain Calm.

Matthew 6:27 NIV
Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

I get that the protest has gone viral and it’s all over the internet. It has taken social media by storm after the unjust treatment of George Floyd from police brutality suffocating him to death. However, Jesus Christ is not reckless when it comes to His emotions. Quoting the verses of Matthew 21:12-13 where Jesus overturned the temple tables of the money changers might have gotten Jesus to react irrationally, but it’s only because it violated the essence of the church not because of the social issues happening outside the synagogue.

2- Pray Without Ceasing.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 ESV
pray without ceasing

This has been the Christ-like answer of many Christians when it comes to dealing with personal battles, for the church and for the world. Pray for one another, pray for revival, pray for the world towards its destruction that was already written in the book of Revelation. Christians, praying is our strongest weapon. Jesus showed his disciples every day how He prayed early in the morning before He do any miracles before He preaches the gospel, and ending His day with prayer. It’s our communication and communion with God. We often hear these phrases, “the battle is not yours but God.” It is, and it will remain infinite.

3- Control Your Emotion.

2 Timothy 1:7 ESV
For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Just as how Jesus controlled Himself when Satan is luring Him into temptation with the promise of great credibility and convincing spectacle of worldly riches and dominion. Jesus didn’t allow the snare of the devil to influence Him. He is God in the first place and He could just get all that riches by Himself or show His superiority against the devil. But instead, He controlled His emotions and didn’t allow Himself to be tempted.

4- Express With Love And Compassion.

Acts 10:34-35 NIV
Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.

With all the riots, and the unwanted situations such as looting, stealing, destroying of properties, and an account of death, it’s inevitable not to feel remorse or mad with the protesters. That is our difference as Christian. I know that sometimes it’s hard to show love and compassion especially when we are in a heated commotion, but just as how we treat our brethren, we should also show the same love and compassion to other religions, beliefs, and races. Christians should never tolerate racism. In the same manner, Christians shouldn’t tolerate bad behaviors, especially when it is a threat to peace and order or chaos to other people and to the community. We can sympathize with their agenda for the ongoing black lives matter, but we should also draw the line.

5- Do Not Conform To The Secular Standard.

Romans 12:2 NIV
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Being relevant doesn’t necessarily mean bad. However, as Christian, we should be relevant by sharing the gospel using modern methods and any means of helping others. If being relevant means doing the same secular things, acting in a manner of how the world is doing it, and engaging in a protest that would compromise your faith, I believe you should reflect on yourself and pray that God will see your motives. Because instead of taking them to church, sharing them the gospel, and encourage them, it would go the other way around? This world is under its destruction. We are at the last age and Rapture will take place anytime soon.


As Christian, we can sympathize and show compassion by praying for them, sharing the gospel, make Jesus known to them for salvation, and if we could help in other ways, then do so. However, doing the things they do, joining in the protest, participating in their agendas, and going with the flow just to be relevant is never pleasing to God. We love the sinners but hate their sins. In the same way, we show them the Christ-likeness not conniving with their worldly scheme. That is why Christians are the salt and light of this world. Furthermore, it has always been said that state and church are two different entities. We should abide by the authority in the land because Jesus said so in the Bible. We could also express our freedom because it is our right. However, we should also be mindful of others.

Romans 13:9 NIV 
The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,” and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Black Lives Matter: Does It Matter? A Christian Take On The Issue

In this regard, I pray for the family of George Floyd, and all the victims of all races brought upon by the riots and anarchy that took place in the United States. Remember that Jesus loves all the races, and in the same way, we Christians love them too.  You matter with Christ. All people matter!

Happy Quarantine Mother’s Day 2020: What Better Gifts to Give for Moms 2021

Happy Quarantine Mothers Day 2020

It was late in December 2019 when the dreaded covid-19 virus or coronavirus took the world into its pandemic dominion. The world is severely crippled and every sector has its shares of depreciation, fluctuations, and bankruptcy. Coronavirus may not have stopped all businesses from ceasing, but it put a major damper to all major facilities, to the people, and to the world’s economy.

Even all crowded places have become deserted. People are forced to either stay at home or work at home. Social distancing and other preventive measures that were once a choice became mandatory and failure to do so could land a person in jail. We are now experiencing a different norm, and it is even said that it will be the new norm after this. Mommy duties have become more chaotic and tedious since all the family members are at home.

Since the covid outbreak, many private occasions, public gatherings, and national holidays have been suspended and canceled which are likely to be move until next year or never at all. This dilemma has caused a lot of health fear which outweighs greater than celebrating birthdays, or national holidays such as Mother’s Day.

However, just because we are in the middle of this health crisis doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the Mother’s Day occasion like usual. Since all department stores are closed, it’s likely that you wouldn’t have a present for your mom. It’s understandable, however, there are alternatives that can be done and given. Luckily, delivery service has been handy for most of us who stay at our homes. Frontliners like them have been helpful, and they are highly appreciated these days including our nurses, doctors, soldiers, and other local government units.

Mothers day 2020 chesz dylan

Gifts For The Moms This Mother’s Day

There are realizations that have been meaningful in this covid crisis. Going back to the basics and the essence of being alive is already a gift from the almighty. What more if your mom is safe and healthy during these trials. But putting it into a list, these are simple alternative gifts you could give to your mom this Quarantine Mother’s Day.

A Packed Food from A Delivery/Drive-Thru Service.

I know this may sound boring or for some, it might have been a regular day, but this applies to those families who are on a tight budget or cannot go out to spend the occasion at a diner or fancy restaurant. We all know that if there is the busiest person during this crisis aside from the frontliners, it would be our moms or your wives. And giving them the food they are craving is beyond deserving. It doesn’t hurt to cut a little budget for this occasion, what matters is that you treasure her importance in these times.


Cook an Edible Arrangements.

This might be an advantage for the cooks and chefs at heart. With a lot of cooking videos, and tutorials circulating on social media during this covid pandemic, cooking or baking edible arrangements with the use of chocolates and other creative ingredients are not just a nice gift for the moms and wives. It also relieves you from stress and anxieties brought by staying at home and being unable to do anything if you are not an introvert type.

A Flower from Your Garden.

Wouldn’t it be nice seeing your plants bloom? But wouldn’t it be nicer, if you give these flowers to the most important woman in your life? The first flower in your garden would be great, however, if you don’t have a garden, you could stroll down in your village and search for any decent-looking flowers. Giving it to your mom or wife when she wakes up, in addition to a hot coffee and a little note of greeting is bliss for them.

A Greeting Note from Your Children.

Teaching our children in celebrating Mother’s Day with a greeting card is so classic but memorable. Tell your children to write a note for their mom the day before Mother’s Day. This way, you don’t only teach your children to be empathetic, but you are teaching them (especially your sons) the importance of a woman and how they should be treated and respected. You are setting an example for your children.

However, with the use of technology, there have been meaningful alternative ways. Personalization like E-card has become more creative. Tell your children to text their moms or create a simple artwork from your mobile app and send it on Mother’s Day. Create a TikTok greeting, a Snapchat video, a slideshow, or an IG/Facebook post and tagged them in. Add it with a personal message, and it will be all worth it.

Arrange a Netflix Date.

With the scarcity of resources due to the covid pandemic, a Netflix date is more convenient than a dinner date. Don’t get me wrong, dinner date has always been one of the most worth noting ways in occasions such as Mother’s Day.

However, this year is incomparable to the previous years, we are facing an invisible enemy. We are stuck in our homes. We can’t just easily buy anything even luxuries regardless if we have all the money in the bank. Set up your room or set up the porch with your flat-screen television. You should have known beforehand the movies that your mom or wife enjoyed watching. If you don’t like the movie, at least sit beside them or her to know that you are sincere in giving them or her the best Netflix quarantine Mother’s Day celebration coupled with her favorite snacks, and drinks.

Be The Mommy for The Day.

This has always been the most effective way of appreciating your mom or wife during Mother’s Day. Let them or her take a day off. Do all the chores and lets the mommy sit on the couch all day, sleep, or rest. With how many days she has been busy taking care of you and your children during this covid crisis, this is her special day. This is advisable for those dads or husbands that don’t usually help in the household chores. Be the momma for the day!

Alone Time Together.

I get that this might be debatable for some, or don’t like the idea since the couple has been together ever since the covid. However, family time is different a couple time. You could just celebrate Mother’s Day with your children but it would be greater if you have included your alone time together. Believe it or not, there are couples who have been divorced or got separated because they don’t have time for each other. During this covid-19 crisis, spend all the time possible together especially if you are a workaholic husband, or father. This is the time you could rekindle or explore each other’s passionate desires. This is the only time you could make it all up for your wife. But, please avoid filming it regardless of whatever purpose.

Putting the sensual way aside, there are things that you could do for that alone time together. Give her a full-body massage, read a book together, engage in a meaningful conversation together, have great laughs about your previous Mother’s Day memories together, do your devotions together or sit with each other especially when you haven’t done this because of your busy schedule.

Happy Quarantine Mother's Day 2020: What Better Gifts to Give to Moms

It’s always nice to go back to the basics. This covid 19 crisis took all of us to the whirlwind mayhem that allowed us to realize some things or meditate our lives. It may not be the usual and fancy Mother’s Day celebration, but it gives us a more emotional approach, hopeful, healthy and family get together that are memorable and priceless. Realizations that occasions like this are worth more than luxurious gifts, worth more than the countries we visited together, and more than fancy restaurants we dined together. This quarantine Mother’s Day celebration is not your usual Mother’s Day celebration, and it will change that norm from Today, onward.

At the end of the day, appreciate your moms and wives, and all the everyday sacrifices they do. Happy Quarantine Mother’s Day 2020 to all!

What have you been planning to do or Mothers Day gifts during quarantine? Share it in the comment section below.

How to Pick the Perfect Book as a Gift

How to pick a perfect book as gift

There is an art to gifting the right book to someone else. And, during a moment in time when e-readers are king, hardcover books can be expensive, and people can be so darn picky, picking the right book isn’t for the faint of heart.

How to Pick the Perfect Book as a Gift

As a bibliophile, I’ve cultivated a wonderful collection of books in my home. In fact, I purchased my home because it had a built-in shelf with exposed brick. I like to collect books that I consider classic reads, from Ready Player One, to Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, and Beloved by Toni Morrison. I curate my books like a gardener, careful to nurture the growth of my mind, intellect, and curiosity. Plus, it’s fun to have nerdy bookends to frame my collection.

So, I have a lot to say when it comes to picking the perfect book as a gift.

Understanding Your Recipient So You Can Give a Book as a Gift

Giving a gift can be fraught with stress. But, giving a book can be even more challenging because you’re hoping that the recipient of your gift will actually enjoy it enough to sit down and take the time to actually read the book.

How to Pick the Perfect Book as a Gift

In a moment in history where people feel like they’re constantly pressed for time, this is a huge expectation on your part. The book has to be good enough to take time out of their day to enjoy.  Before you purchase the book ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does your friend/mom/dad/etc. Enjoy taking in information? Are they fans of audio books, comics, graphic novels, e-readers, paperbacks or hardcover books? In my case, while I love that audiobooks exist and are a way for vision empaired readers and busy people to enjoy the written word, I personally hate them for me. I really hate them. I’ve found that the narrators of those books never sound like how I imagine the characters to be. Weirdly enough, I found a number of t.v. shows have done an incredible job of casting actors in the roles that I love. One example of this is the Shadowhunters series. Each actor is perfect in their role and I wish they were doing the audio for the actual Shadowhunter books.

  • What is their life like? Is your gift recipient constantly traveling for work, is busy with small children, or single and works a ton of hours. For a traveler a digital book may be the best way to gift a book so that they can take it with them anywhere without worrying about the additional weight as they travel. For a busy person who is always on the go, being gifted an Audible subscription may be the best way to help them enjoy their new favorite book.
  • What have you noticed? Pay attention to the clues that your gift recipient leaves you. Do they complain about the loss of real books and hate e-readers? That’s a pretty huge clue not to give them an audio book. Are there physical books in their home? Do they have coffee table books on their favorite table and have you seen them actually looking at those books?

Ask Questions

How to Pick the Perfect Book as a Gift

It seems obvious that the easiest way to figure out the type of book that you should gift someone is to ask them questions. Some people love to read romances, others consider romances to be on the lowest run of literature.

I love them.

Some readers are obsessed with reading the stories of their favorite idols, world leaders, or intriguing personalities. While I love knowing their stories, I don’t really enjoy reading autobiographies during my downtime.

Innocently flip through the books that you see in the home of your gift recipient to get an idea of what they enjoy.

Understand your friend, family member, colleagues actual active interests. What is it that they enjoy doing?

Do they watch football obsessively, comment on notable figures in a unique area of interest? Pay attention to the topics that they talk about in a positive way, and focus on nurturing that area of interest with a new book.

Don’t Make the #1 Mistake of Gift Giving

Avoid giving the book that you want. Recently my mom gave me a gift that she knew wasn’t my style. I literally said “Mom, this isn’t my style.” Her response “I know, but I thought you would enjoy it.”

Yes, I gave her the side-eye.

And, I may have laughed a little bit because moms are hilarious. And, in case you’re wondering, she gave me a soft jacket that I will only wear inside because it is cozy, but too many colors and a weird material for me to wear outside.


It’s not lost on me that she would absolutely love to wear that jacket all the time. She bought me a jacket that she would love to wear. I’m sure one day she will pop up wearing something similar.

But, let’s be honest, we’ve all given a gift that we would love to receive. Don’t do that. That’s the #1 reason why gifts get returned. It’s the wrong gift for the recipient.

How to Pick the Perfect Book as a Gift

Have Fun

Gift giving should be a joyful occasion. I love buying gifts for the people in my life because it gives me an opportunity to give them something that they would be reluctant to give to themselves because of cost, time, or for a number of reasons why people don’t treat themselves.

Gifting a book should be a joyful experience, not something that you find painful.

Still Don’t Know What Book to Give?

Sometimes we get stumped and still aren’t sure what to give someone else. There’s a tried and true formula that I like to use during moments like these.

First, give 3 books instead of just one. The idea is that if you give three slightly different books that you will likely hit a homerun with at least one. When I do this I tend to give a classic, a current contemporary book on the top #100 list, and something whimsical.

Gift cards are always a wonderful way to empower your reader to find the book or books that are a perfect fit for their personality. Gift cards are great because you’re shifting all of the choice responsibility to the gift recipient.

Don’t forget that you can also gift Audible subscriptions or gift cards as well. Again, allowing your recipient to figure out what they would like and leaving you out of the decision making process.

Giving the gift of a book doesn’t have to be hard, ideally though, it’s an exercise in thoughtfulness. Giving a book doesn’t need to be an intimidating process, and even though I mentioned several steps to doing it well, it shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes to choose well.

Your last resort, pick a book on your favorite online website and send it to them.

How to Pick the Perfect Book as a Gift

Author Bio

[gravatar email=”” size=”128″]

Anne loves finding the perfect gift idea that’s on budget. She has been writing about gift giving and personal finance online since 2012, as owner of Her favourite beverage is champagne and she loves figure skating, even if it’s harder now that she’s not 20!

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You may or may not agree with the views, and opinions of the author. However, it doesn’t represent the sentiments of Chesz Dylan and its entirety. The author has all the liability for errors and omissions including the copyright claims and intellectual property rights of this article.

Autism: A Mom’s Diagnosis Story

It’s an extremely early morning in March 7 years ago and my husband, two young children and I are rushing to an appointment that’s a good 2 hours from home. Anyone who has children, has an emotional image of that morning. Your blood pressures up, your short tempered, and anything that could go wrong, does! To add assault to injury, this wasn’t your everyday checkup, no, this was an evaluation for my youngest, my son. He had been exhibiting some concerning behaviors for his age (he was almost 3) and after consistently bringing up his speech (or lack thereof) and hyperactivity to his pediatrician, we finally were referred to a child psychologist.

As I mentioned, this morning was a hectic one. Upon arrival, it was clear that the doctor was annoyed by our tardiness which is completely understandable. What I didn’t understand was the lack of patience for my son and his situation. She called us back in the tone of an over worked school mum which is very unwelcoming. My son had just endured a long car ride, so he was a bit overactive. The doctor hardly started the evaluation process when she rudely said those dreaded words “He has Autism!” Actually, the diagnosis she gave was Autism Spectrum Disorder Pervasive Development Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (ASD PDD – NOS).

See also:

Confusing right? Not understanding how she came to that conclusion, or what this even means for us or my son when there was supposed to be several hours of testing. I was shocked and full of questions and excuses. All she did was tell us where to sign out and handed us stacks upon stacks of packages with therapy listings, descriptions of Autism, and other things I can hardly remember. I left that place feeling hopeless, lost, and sad for my son.

For those who do not know what Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is… allow me to inform. Autism is a social spectrum disorder. No two children are alike. There are extreme and mild cases. Children are nonverbal and a lot of them have sensory issues with light, sounds, and so on. Most children can be diagnosed as early as 2 years old. Autism affects 1 in 68 children worldwide and is the fastest growing social disorder to date.

Of course, being a mother, I expected the worse and also over researching made me compare him to others so it put me in a form of denial. We did what we felt he needed by signing him up for every therapy available. Which was overwhelming for him. He was 2 and had over 20 hrs. of therapy a week. I’m talking occupational, physical, speech, early intervention school, Wrap Around service at the house. All the therapy didn’t help at all! It actually increased his hyperactivity and tantrums due to being over worked. This could’ve been prevented with a social worker or someone qualified to not only point us in the right direction, but help emotionally so I wouldn’t act so erratic.

This story is one that needs told. We live and breathe our children. When given news of this nature, I feel the parents should be handled with care and there should be more workshops available for parents with a newly diagnosed child. Being that Autism is the fastest growing development disorder affecting 1-68 children worldwide. There should be workshops for Autism parents offered immediately after diagnosis to talk about hopes, fears, or whatever crosses their minds. An Autism diagnosis can mean a lot of things because it is a Spectrum Disorder. I obsessed and read everything from horror stories to extremely hopeful stories.

Needless to say, I had a lot of sleepless nights. Offering workshops or specialized therapy for parents would save people from unnecessary grief. Our experience also put me in denial because he was diagnosed with Pervasive Development DisorderNot Otherwise Specified Autism Spectrum Disorder. To someone uneducated that sounds like he “kind of” has Autism but not really. That delayed our understanding of the tribulations he will face. To my knowledge, they no longer give this specific long-winded diagnosis and for that I’m extremely grateful.

The emotional state of a parent that is told their child has autism is hard to explain. You worry about their struggle, how the world will receive them, education, and so on. Of course, there are groups and one can chose to talk to your therapist, but specialized care would help immensely. Today my son and our family are doing well. I needed to tell our story because I’m sure a lot of parents can relate and to maybe help a family about to embark on this journey called Autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (ASD PDD - NOS)

Author’s Bio

Nita Z Juanita Zeigler

Nita Z (Juanita Zeigler)
Hey. How is everyone? I hope all is well. My name is Juanita Zeigler, but in my virtual life, I prefer Nita Z or just Nita. I’m a SAHM (stay at home mommy) who has been for too long, with that being said, I am packing up all my ambition, passion, and skill that’s been stored away, to set off on a blogging/writing adventure (wish me luck)! I am married and have been for all of 13 years this April (Cheers). Together we have 3 wonderful kids, one girl age 12 and two boys ages 10yrs and 11 months (never a dull moment here).

I enjoy writing (obviously lol), music, and cooking. I attended The Art Institute for Culinary Arts Associates program some years back. Didn’t have opportunity to finish but had a great time and learned a lot on the way. I am in the beginning stages of having my own personal lifestyle/opinion/advice blog ( It is currently under construction and should be up and running in the near future.

My ultimate goal is to not only inform, but to have a voice for those who don’t, help others, and gain experience for other opportunities. I honestly don’t care about monetizing so much (though it would be nice). If I reach out and only help one person, my vision will have been realized. Well that’s my introduction, I hope you enjoy my article and become loyal readers in the future.

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The Coming of New Breed of Writers: 2nd Gawad Parangal sa Mundo ng Literatura (GPML) Awards 2019

2nd GPML Penmaster League

I am still in awe remembering the much anticipated 2nd Gawad Parangal sa Mundo ng Literatura (GPML) Awards night held at The Village Patio in Brgy Maginhawa, Quezon City last Saturday, February 8, 2020. It was the day where aspiring writers, editors, illustrators, veteran indie authors, and well-acclaimed writers in the writing industry face off to fight for prestigious writing titles in numerous categories. In addition, it was also the day to celebrate the 3rd Penmasters League Book Fair which also happened to be the co-organizer of the event.

Penmasters Administration

Joining them were some of the established publishing companies like Precious Hearts Romances (PHR), Talking Pages, Lathala Press, Lampara Books, Paperkat Books, Booklat, and other indie publishers, together with other active online writing organizations. Fan meet-ups and book signing were also included in the event to make it more memorable and enjoyable for both authors and their fans.

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It was another milestone for Miss Emerald Blake, the founder and president of Penmasters Administration which is the co-organizer of the gala event. After all the hurdles of the first GPML awards, it didn’t stop her from pursuing yet another year of this awarding ceremony. After all the hesitations, setbacks, and criticisms from detractors, she remained grounded and optimistic about her vision. Thus, the success of the recently concluded event.

The Village Patio

Much has been said, but the highlight of the event is the presentation of the awards to various winning authors. With eleven incredible, and high caliber judges, not to mention their outstanding credentials both in education and the writing profession under their belt, it was a do-or-die collision of the best of the best authors in this generation. The writing aces of both mainstream and indie writing industries compete for the coveted titles.

Here are the winning awardees for the following categories:


2nd Best Poet- Rachel Macadangdang Labasan
3rd Best Poet- Mike James Palay

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2nd Most Promising Writer- Neil Mar Sales
3rd Most Promising Writer- Mar Mojica


UNDISCOVERED GEM OF THE YEAR- Rosie Lopez Santiago (BasiliaSeleva)
2nd Undiscovered Gem- Margie Evangelista
3rd Undiscovered Gem- Glaiza AntonioGPML

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2nd Best Illustrator- Rosie Lopez Santiago
3rd Best Illustrator- Jaoius Elmigron


2nd Best Editor- Elena Buncaras
3rd Best Editor- Ysabelle Frost

The plaques of winners.


2nd Best Editor- Melai Quilla Marinas
3rd Best Editor- Ysabelle Frost


2nd Best Published Author- Krishmar Llorin
3rd Best Published Author- Chesz Dylan


2nd Best Published Story- Silang mga Winasak ng Mekanismo ng Pag-ibig by Jaret Co
3rd Best Published Story- Befall by Eiramana325

The venue. It has an elaborate touch of greeneries to breathe.


2nd Best Published Author- E.M. Priel
3rd Best Published Author- Mayumi Cruz


2nd Best Published Story- Philippines Year: 2300 by E.M. Priel
3rd Best Published Story- Rosa Magica by Margie Evangelista

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2nd Best Published Author: Maricar Dizon
3rd Best Published Author: Heart Yngrid


2nd Best Published Story: Marrying My Bestfriend by Aira Ledesma
3rd Best Published Story: My One and Only You by Jasmine Esperanza

The organizers also aim to recognize some of the notable mainstream publishers and indie publishing houses that keep the Philippine literature alive.

This mini garden make up the centerpiece of the entrance complementing the cobbled pavement.


2nd Best Printing Service: Glyz Printing Services and Trading
3rd Best Printing Service: Immac Printing Service


2nd Best Publisher: VIVA Books
3rd Best Publisher: OMF Literature

Special awards are also given to the following established veteran authors who weren’t just professionals in the field, but they left a mark in the Philippine writing history.



The organizers also recognized active writing organizations where new breed of indie writers and now seasoned authors started their writing journeys.


  • 8Letters
  • Writers to Watch Out (WWO)
  • Conscriptors
  • Akademyang Pampanitikan (AKAP)
  • Inspiring Team of Writers (ITW)
  • APIS
  • Spoken Word Poetry University (SWPU)
  • Midnight Collective
  • Fall in Arts Community
  • Horror and Trell Stories
  • Betsin Artparasite
  • Damdaming Nakapaskil
  • MKP
Early birds.

Furthermore, Miss Emerald Blake made it known the achievements of her mentees in her workshops. These mentees are handpicked with regards to their excellence and growth in her writing workshops.

2ND PENMASTERS LEAGUE AWARDS (for Miss Emerald Blake’s PL Online Mentoring Class)


2nd Best Published Author: LC Brasil
3rd Best Published Author: Xakni Allym


2nd Best Published Story: Old Towns, Old Flames by Darl Bollon
3rd Best Published Story: Morgan Series 1: The Philanderer by Rashiyella Raya


2nd Undiscovered Gem: Jin Yoo Han
3rd Undiscovered Gem: Jang Magbanua

Awardees and nominees present at the Gala night.


2nd Most Promising Writer: Author Meera
3rd Most Promising Writer: XiAn Dee


2nd Best Poet: Rosemarie Plaza Tahumon
3rd Best Poet: Chili Pepper


2nd Best Illustrator: Kristina Tomodachi

Pin it!

Despite the rain that happened that day, it didn’t stop the awardees to come to their OOTDs. The night ended with newfound friends and collaborations among the authors and publishers present in the event. These awards motivated aspirants to excel more and aim to become the best in their writing craft. Thus, I bet next year will become more bloody and competitive. Kudos to the organizers, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

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4 Places to Visit this Independence Day 2021

Celebrating its 121-year of independence (Araw ng Kalayaan),  the Philippines has come a long way eversince it gained its sovereignity. Philippines has its share of rich culture and tradition. It has a diverse culture that originated from different colonizers that inhabited the island. The Philippines has been captive for centuries, thanks to the brave heroes that fought for its independence, Filipinos are now reaping the benefits of the freedom that was worth fighting for. Without these heroes like Jose Rizal – Philippines’ national hero, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Lapu-Lapu, Gregorio Del Pillar, Melchora Aquino, and Apolinario Mabini to name a few, Filipinos would probably be still enslaved. A history of bravery, unity and a sense of nationalism. These are just prelude to a hundred-year of history of the Philippines’ independence and national heritage.

Today, many Filipinos all over the world are remembering, if not celebrating that freedom. And what’s greater way to celebrate it is to visit those iconic and memorable places that contributed an impact to the Filipinos and to the world in remembrance of the sacrifices of these great heroes. Here are the four great places to visit this Independence Day to experience a glimpse of that chivalry and patriotism.

Philippine National Museum. What comes in mind in order to know the brief history of a country is to visit their national museum. Located at Manila, where you can take a walk near the famous Manila Bay afterwards, its strategic location is near the center of many establishments, the national park, and national facilities.

Source: Philippine National Museum

“The National Museum manages and develops the national reference collections in the areas of cultural heritage (fine arts, anthropology and archaeology) and natural history (botany, zoology,and geology and paleontology), and carries out permanent research programs in biodiversity, geological history, human origins, pre-historical and historical archaeology, maritime and underwater cultural heritage, ethnology, art history, and moveable and immoveable cultural properties.” – Philippine National Museum

To book a visit or support the museum’s cause, visit their website HERE.

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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Luneta Park. The Philippines’ national park that commemorates the Filipinos’ national hero – Jose Rizal. Luneta Park (a.k.a Rizal Park) is not just a place where national activities are held. Filipino families gather here to enjoy and be amaze of the park that is located in the heart of a city. Surrounded by lush greeneries, and trees, it has a fountain that highlights the three great islands that comprises the Philippines. Children can enjoy the playground that was built by the government. There are amenities that caters the needs of each individuals. The iconic monument that is guarded 24/7, is the main attraction that attracts many visitors both local and foreign. Even the most important diplomats of other nations, paid a visit to this monument whenever they are in the Philippines.

Source: Wikipedia

Intramuros. The cobbled streets and Manila’s Walled City, this is the home of the Spanish-era landmarks that reflected the influence of imperialist Spain that once conquered the Philippines for centruries. Home to the famous Fort Santiago, San Agustin Church museum, Casa Manila museum and the Manila Cathedral. If you are a devote Catholic or has a fascination of Gothic Architecture, this is a must-see place for you and your family.


MacArthur Leyte Landing Memorial National Park. Located at Red Beach, Palo, Leyte, you can book a flight to Tacloban City from Manila and Cebu. The said memorial has a rich history between United States of America and the Philippines. Dubbed as the red beach, it symbolizes the blood drenched in the war against Japanese invading the island. This memorial national park commemorates the promise of General Douglas MacArthur with his reknowned phrase “I shall return”. The largest battle in the Gulf of Leyte, also known as the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea, and the last marine battle during the World War II.

Source: Wikipedia

A unified country represents the unified ideals of its citizens. It resounds the intention of the government to its people, not in a form of dictatorship but through a good governance and leadership. These heroes heard the outcry of its fellowmen, thus, resulting to the fight for democracy. This Independence Day, let us commemorate the sacrifices of these heroes beyond merits and recognition, but going to these national historical places will allow us to know them better and experience the sense of nationalism they once had. Through this Memorial places, we are also teaching the younger generations the pride of the country, the lessons learned from the history and the patriotism of why was the Philippines was worth dying for.

What other national memorial places in the Philippines you know that are not included in the list? Tell us in the comment section below.

16 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

DROPOUT Creative Assets

Six days from now many fathers around the globe will be greeted and appreciated by their family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Why? This is the most special day that is dedicated for fathers, father figures, male parenting and their father duties that impacted the lives of their children– Father’s Day.

Believe it or not, Father’s Day was originated from the idea of a woman. What? It was Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, WA idea after she listened to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909. That time, Mother’s Day was widely known and celebrated. It was Dodd who came up with the idea that fathers also deserves to be recognize. Part of the idea is because she and her siblings were raised by their dad as their mother already died. She picked the birth month of her dad (which is June) and in 1910, the first celebration of Father’s Day was established in Spokane. It was only after 56 years when  President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation giving recognition to the fathers, designating the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. Six years later in 1972, when President Richard Nixon made it official as a permanent national holiday.

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Just like the mothers, the fathers deserves the same recognition for their hard work. They play one of the most important part of the family, being the pillar of the smallest unit of the society. Fathers play a crucial role especially in the development of the son and the emotional security of the daughter. They don’t just aid the family’s finances, but they are the decision-maker of the entire household.

Due to the on-going trend in our society today, there has been single dads and father figures that are raising their family alone. Socio-economic, financial stability and emotional capacity are some of the factors that continues this social trend, becoming a norm in today’s standard of living. Some people are also drawn to themselves, thus, selfishness, self-love and narcissism has grown exponentially over the course of years. Take note that it is not wrong to love ourselves. What’s wrong is trying to please ourselves above pleasing and caring for the needs of our family. Of course, some people might disagree because of determining personal factors. There are still traditional family values that are still being practice until today.


Going back to our topic, giving gift to our fathers is a sign of respect and giving reward to their daddy duties because we love them. How can we show them? By giving material gifts other than greeting them and saying I love you. Below are some of the great gift ideas we can give our fathers this Father’s Day.

T-Shirt/Jersey/Suit. This has been the typical gift of anyone. It’s like an automatic response when we can’t think of a gift idea, or we need an on-the-spot gift to our fathers, this comes first in mind. However cliche it may seem, but this has always been effective and classic. Especially knowing that most of the fathers aren’t buying T-shirts for themselves. Hahaha. Some daddies are a fan of a certain sports team, so giving them a fan or collectible edition jerseys are great. While office daddies can look dashing and appealing in a great, if not expensive suit.

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Belt. An accessory every man must have. This is an important accessory of a busy office daddy. A great, if not expensive belt wrapped around any man’s waist is any man’s social pride.

Watch. An accessory co-equal to the belt. Unlike belts, watches are more prominent as it contributes to overall outer appearance. It is more eye-catching because belts are sometimes hidden or partially hidden. Busy daddies are always looking at the time, so checking their wrist is pretty normal. Unknown to women, buying men an expensive watch has the same effect like when women receives a jewelry from men. A great if not expensive timepiece wrapped around their hand is lit.🔥

Shoes. A nice pair of new shoes will always be appreciated by the busy daddies, whether it is a new pair of office shoes or a new pair of sneakers. At least make it blend with his everyday casual outfits or regular office attires. A nice pair of Nike or rubber shoes for a sporty dad will give more inspiration to his physical fitness routines. Shoes are one of any dads or men in general’s favorite material things.

Underwear. As naugthty as it may seem, but for daddies or men in general, buying them a nice piece of underwear is not an issue. Unlike women who tends to buy their own lingeries, men in general aren’t picky in the brand, and the fabric of the underwear. As long as it is not a bikini or string-type and flashy brief, it’s okay. Nowadays, boxer briefs and shorts are mostly prefered by many men.

Fountain Pen/Branded Pen. This is not a common gift ideas for daddies. Actually, this is only highly recommended when our daddies are working in an office, and when he is part of a writing industry.

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Mug. Most of the dads are drinking hot beverages every morning. It could be coffee, tea, hot choco or any hot concoctions they drink as part of their maintenance drinks. And giving them something usable like a mug will invigorate their morning drinks and mood.


Necktie. Neckties contributes to a man’s overall appearance in the office. A great tie combined with a great suit is so appealing. Nowadays, fashion-conscious office dads taking great neckties seriously as a great part of office OOTDs.

Liquor/Wine. This may be offensive or debatable for some, especially among religious conservatives. Giving daddies the liquor brands they like this Father’s Day is much appreciated. At the same time, this will be a great father-son bonding time if both are into drinking. A great brand of beer, whiskey or wine and a delicious appetizer already completed the daddy’s day.

Tobacco/Vape. Give this to the fathers who you knew are into smoking. An expensive brand of tobacco or cigars, especially a collectible edition will greatly satisfy their smoking craving. In the same manner as how daddy drinkers are satisfied by their drinking habit.

Book. Self-help books, financial freedom books, DIY books, biographical books and Novels. Give these to daddies who are into reading or are writers.

You can avail these books and give them to the daddies this Father’s Day. Click the photo for orders.

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Greeting Card/Letter. The most traditional among these list of gifts. The downside of this is that, not all men in general wanted to received a card or a letter. Especially now that text messaging and social media message apps are a norm.

Gadgets. Millennial daddies use gadgets often. It is part of their lives if not of work. From a nice flat screen tv, to an amplified bluetooth headset or sound system. To a high-spec Macbook and laptop, to an expensive mobile phone. To a techie stuff in the market and to Alexa home system, name it, all daddies want these new stuff.

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Collectibles. This can be of any material form, even the ones that are mentioned above. Car, miniature toys, caps, guns, books, wine bottles, compact knives, tools, posters, cds and anything that could be a part of the collection of the daddies. You don’t know how much you would make them happy. - shop now!

Personalized Items. Unlike collectibles, most of these items are part of the daddies’ everyday use. Giving a little touch of creativity will show daddies that they are appreciated by their daddy efforts.


Date/Outing. Above all material things, it will always be memories that are unforgotten. Treat the fathers in an expensive restaurant. There are restaurants that offers discounts during Father’s Day. Or plan a one day vacation or outing with the daddies, so they will unwind and be refresh from the stressful working days of the entire year. Another is treat them a ticket to their favorite movie or concert or buy a ticket to their favorite match or sports team, They will surely love it.

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Regardless of the gift ideas that will be chosen above. It should always come from the heart and effort. No matter how cheap or how expensive it is, if the intention is to let the fathers feel the warmth of the Father’s day, by all means, give it all out. Besides, Father’s Day is a once a year celebration. Above all these, it is important to let the fathers know how much they are love and appreciated everyday.

Any additional ideas you have in mind that wasn’t in the list? Write it in the comments below. I would love to hear your ideas and comments about this post.

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 By Chester Capua (Weekly Good News)

Burying the time capsule in the ground breaking ceremony of The LGU Ville

Bayambang – A momentous activity last March 25, 2019, happened in the municipality of Bayambang. The signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the distribution of Notice Approval for the Villa Magsaysay Housing Project, the awarding of Certificate of Occupancy for the Ancop Village beneficiaries, and the groundbreaking of LGU Bayambang employee’s housing project was held at Bical Sur, Bayambang.

Groundbreaking ceremony of The LGU Ville

PAG-IBIG Fund Officers Homelending Operations-Luzon Group  Vice President Atty. Joseph Quiboloy, Business Development Sector Senior Vice President Fermin Sta Teresa Jr, Business Development Department- North Luzon Department Manager III Josephine Reyes and Bayambang’s government officials, Mayor Cezar Quiambao and Municipal Administrator Atty. Raymundo Bautista together with Vice Mayor Raul Sabangan, the municipal councilors and LGUs marked the important event. In partnership with PAGIBIG FUND and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Bayambang, “The LGU Ville” was established.


Earlier, the LGU of Bayambang had commenced an awarding event prior to the groundbreaking ceremony. They awarded a certificate and a donation worth one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000) to the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queers, and Intersex (LGBTQI) Association of Bayambang for their sustainable livelihood program. Certificate of Completion for the Basic Computer Literacy Training to the senior citizens for the 60th Public Library Day, a certificate for the awarding of SINGKAPITAL 2019 to Bayambang National High School performers, and the awarding for the Most Oustanding Athletes of the Taekwondo team that participated in the national competitions.

[L-R, Back] Mayor Cezar Quiambao, VM Raul Sabangan, Coun. Martin Terrado II, Coun. Amory Junio, Coun. Rodelito Bautista Jr, Dr. Joel Cayabyab, Head Jocelyn Espejo, and Atty Raymundo Bautista [Front]LGBTQI representatives

Every employee dreamt of owning a house. That is why the local government of Bayambang established a “pabahay” project that prioritizes the housing need and welfare of its government employees. After the inauguration of the “ANCOP Village”, the government didn’t stop there. It was just the start of the government’s commitment to helping the homeless Bayambangueños and improving their lives. A commitment that is part of the 10-year BPRP Anti – Poverty project of Mayor Quiambao’s administration. This time with the participation of PAG-IBIG, it aims to address the basic housing need of its constituents.

Fermin in his speech was grateful to the mayor for the trust in the project partnership. At the same time, he shared that Mayor Quiambao and PAG-IBIG shared the same vision and mission in providing decent homes for every Filipino family, and this will also serve as their support for the shelter program of the national government. “On top of that, we are also giving chances for the employees earning below twelve thousand pesos (P12,000) where PAG-IBIG Fund subsidizes the interests rates and each member will only pay a minimum of three (3) percent interest rate for the first five (5) years. This program is to make sure that our lower-income earners like security guards, salesladies, household helpers, and other associations including drivers, the association of the drivers, and other community organizations will also be given a chance to avail the housing for their families,” Fermin added.

Mayor Quiambao arriving at the event.

Mayor Quiambao and the municipality hoping to sustain the budget, this project was decided to be included under the local government’s Special Economic Enterprise because the government needs additional revenues by 2020 – 2021. “This will replace our expected income from the disposal of the assets in PAG-IBIG so that we will not go below the half-billion mark of the budget of Bayambang,” he quoted. “I hope that this will be successful being the first LGU project as a developer.” 

After signing the Memorandum of Understanding. [L-R] Atty. Raymundo Bautista, Vice Mayor Raul Sabangan, Mayor Cezar Quiambao, PAG-IBIG Fund Mr Fermin Sta Teresa, Atty. Joseph Quiboloy, Ms. Josephine Reyes and Coun. Amory Junio

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the project and signatories of the officials and a photo opportunity together with the councilors, followed by the “time capsule” groundbreaking ceremony and the awarding of certificate of occupancy for the CFC-ANCOP Housing Project beneficiaries was made official to the public. Meanwhile, the awarding of the Notice of Approval for the Villa Magsaysay beneficiaries, and the draw lots of the designated houses to be given away for the Ancop Village took place later that afternoon.

Awarding of Certificate of Occupancy to one of the Ancop beneficiaries, Erlinda Valdez with Mayor Cezar Quiambao, Ms. Lerma Padagas, and Municipal councilors.


By Chester Capua (Weekly GoodNews-Regional)

San Carlos City/Mangatarem – Vice President (VP) Leni Robredo visited the cities of San Carlos, Mangatarem and Lingayen in Pangasinan last March 21, 2019 to voluntarily endorse the eight (8) official candidates of Otso Diretso senatoriables under Liberal Party (LP).

Otso Diretso (Straight Eight), is a line-up of senatorial candidates composed of LP candidates. A multi-party electoral alliance that is known to be critical to the current administration. This alliance is composed of re-election senator, Sen. Bam Aquino, Mar Roxas, Atty. Pilo Hilbay, Atty. Chel Diokno, Atty. Romy Macalintal, Rep. Gary Alejano, Erin Tañada and the only female among the gentlemen, Samira Gutoc.

VP Robredo has been vocal of her support to the Otso Diretso candidates even before the campaign period for the national candidates started. We watched her and heard her in the news promoting the accomplishments of these candidates and why they should be elected. During her visit, she cannot help but give praises to these amazing people and how she managed to convince them despite some issues that have been brewing against the Administration’s Hugpong- their party counterpart and co-candidates for the senatorial bid.

In her visits, she was all-praises to Tañada, son and grandson of the late congressmen Tañadas is known to have a great reputation in politics. Erin Tañada who accomplished his three (3) terms in the Congress, became a deputy speaker and majority floor leader, he remained simple despite his success and no corruption record. Robredo also narrated that she worked with Gary Alejano in the 16th Congress, during the time when she was a Congresswoman. She remembered Alejano as one of the members of Magdalo. But when she met him at the Congress, she witnessed his kindness and generosity. Alejano is one of the members of the Philippine marines that fought with rebels in Mindanao, later on, sentenced to seven (7) years in prison because of exposing the corruption in the administration of the former president, Gloria Arroyo. After which, he dedicated his life to public service when he got his freedom.

Mar Roxas was Robredo’s partner in the last 2016 election that ran for the presidential bid. Robredo narrated how Roxas turned her down, but because of his dedication to serving the public, Robredo convinced him to run again. Bam Aquino was Robredo’s campaign manager last 2016 election. The moment Robredo met the real Bam Aquino aside from his family name, she was amazed at his outstanding performances at a young age. Known for his “Free College Education Bill”, Filipino college students can now avail themselves of the free tuition fee in state universities.

Some of the candidates of Otso Diretso are neophytes in politics. Four (4) of them are new candidates. Robredo tried convincing them because she knew that despite no political backgrounds, these 4 candidates have been helping the Filipinos in their own way. Romy Macalintal, a famous election lawyer. Unknown to many, his advocacy is helping senior citizens. He toppled big establishments and filed charges against them for not following the Seniors Citizen Law. Pilo Hilbay came from a poor family. He finished his studies because of scholarships. Despite his record as a bar topnotcher, he worked in the government amidst the offers of big law firms in the Philippines. He worked as a Solicitor General and currently teaching at the University of the Philippines (UP). Hilbay is known for defending our case in the Netherlands against China in the West Philippine Sea dispute. Chel Diokno, the son of Pepe Diokno- an outstanding lawyer, former DOJ secretary, and a former senator. Robredo narrated how she idolizes Chel Diokno even before her husband was a mayor. Diokno was the lawyer of all the poor Filipinos in her province. He helped in the cases of Tokhang victims, the victims of the submergence of a passenger ship where a high death toll was reported, and the farmers that were not equally distributed with land titles.

The last of the list is Samira Gutoc, the only woman in Otso Diretso. Unknown to many, Gutoc was appointed in the Bangsamoro Commission. Robredo narrated how Gutoc resigned from her post when she no longer believed in the administration. Despite her resignation, she continued her advocacy for her fellow Muslims, for the bakwit, and for Filipinos who lost their homes in Marawi.

“Pinapakilala ko rin ang kandidato namin pero ayoko sabihin na botohan nyo sila dahil sila ‘yung kandidato ko. ‘Yung ginawa ko lang pinakilala ko, pero ang pakiusap ko parang napaka-cliche na ‘yung Vote Wisely. Pero parang utang na loob, ‘wag natin sayangin iyong pagkakataon na ‘to. ‘Yun lang ‘yung pakiusap ko. (I am also introducing my candidates, but I don’t mean that you vote for them just because they are my candidates. What I am trying to accomplish is to introduce them, but I am humbly asking, although Vote Wisely seemed so cliched. But just like out of gratitude, don’t lose this oppprtunity. That’s all I’m asking),” Robredo told the students and faculties of Virgen Milagrosa University (VMU).