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The Storyteller

We have so many stories to tell. We have so many thoughts to share. Many spoken word poetries to convey. Going places to capture the view through our writing. Expressing our delicate taste buds through our rhetorics. The fine tuning of a song through our reviews. Or expressing our emotions through our writing spectacles.

Our pens are the windows of our soul. It holds our inner voice and inner channel. Our mind is the library of countless contents and boggling ideas. It is the fountain of our creativity.
We are storytellers. We make, we break and re-create a cup of phrases and an ocean of words.

We are the witnesses of histories; passionate weavers of never-ending fictions and inspiring biographies.

I am Chesz Dylan. I am a brand. I am a wordsmith.  I am a child of Literature. An ambassador of paperbacks and literary pieces. I am a Storyteller..


The Author

I am a freelance writer, indie published author, former news correspondent and a blogger. I write about my passions in life in my blog. It’s not just about myself being an author, but being myself who enjoys life and everything in it. The niches I write about can be categorized into three:

I am a weaver of words, something that I think could be valuable to others. Something that many could relate and be motivated. These are literary pieces that I wrote out of inspirations. These are books, that could contribute to the dying literature. I am also sharing the word of God. I am not a pastor or motivational speaker, however, I value my Christian faith and respect the other people’s beliefs, and opinions. I also do reviews on things that matters to me, regardless if it is a trend or not. And write stuff about relationship, motivation, gifts and other things that will uplift my readers’ spirit.

I may not be a professional singer, but I love this passion which I developed in my later years. I was once part of the Music Ministry as back up, but I have been a Worship Leader. Christian Music is what mostly inspire me.

I am a traveler by heart. Whether it’s a short destination or a long-haul flight, I will go to those places if I have the means. I love the mountain view, ocean horizons, vast blue skies and beyond, the four seasons, the greeneries, the elaborate country dishes, the culture and traditions of different nations. I love the beauty and wonders of nature through my lenses and cameras – a certified nature enthusiast, dendrophilia, or nemophilist.

I am a moody poet. I write poems mostly from a certain situation that happened at that point. I have my collection of poems that I will probably publish once I compiled it all. Some were written since I was in my teenage years. I post most of my literary pieces (i.e. poems, short stories, editorials) in a writer social media platform.

I am an indie author who already published a book entitled, “FINDING HARRY” under Victory Publishing, a local indie publishing company. I am creating a name in Romance and Inspirational genres. Some of my short stories are included in anthologies. Two of my works have been included in a benefit project that aims to provide school supplies for the less fortunate.

Chesz Dylan Author


For every purchase of the book, you will help one child receive school supplies. These supplies were awarded to a particular beneficiaries, in some schools in Tarlac, Philippines. The titles are: “Alaala ng Sitio Inabaan” from the anthology book, “Mabuti Pa Noong Bata Masaya”, and the latest is, “Nilamukos na Papel” from the anthology book, “Kahit Bata Pa Ako”. Both are under Sky Fiction, another traditional indie publishing company that is publishing for a cause.

I also have one anthology book published under the former WWG Publishing House, entitled “2 Millimeters per Second” from the anthology book, “One Last Christmas Song: A collection of Christmas stories that will melt your Heart”. And an anthology Book under Penmaster’s League “Timeless Pieces of the Scribblers”, entitled “Death By Affair”.


chesz dylan award

3rd Place | Best Author of the Year – Rookie Category

2nd Gawad Parangal sa Mundo ng Literature (GPML) – an award giving body that aims to recognize the excellence of both indie authors and traditional (veteran) authors, editors and publishers in the writing industry.

2nd Gawad Parangal sa Mundo ng Literatura 2019 by Penmaster’s League

  • Nominee (Best Undiscovered Gem of 2019)
  • Nominee (Best Published Story of 2019 – Rookie Category)
  • Certificate of Participation (Sky Fiction Benefit Projects)

Writing Workshop Certificates

The Team

As the brand is expanding, our team is doing everything to ensure that the articles you read are fresh and new and the upcoming merchandises are inline with the brand’s vision.

Let’s see the beauty of the words in every accent, language, emotions and experience expressed by people.

Chesz Dylan

The Brand

Vision And Mission

We are brand dedicated to create and launch products and merchandises under the helm of Chesz Dylan Brand. We are determined to become a top brand in the future not only providing books and literary masterpieces but in retail industry such as fashion, perfumes, and other future endeavors of our company.

We hope to advocate a world class products at an affordable prices of our house, Chesz Dylan merchandises.
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