Father’s Day In The Midst Of The Pandemic 2021

It’s true that when you become a parent yourself, there will be realizations where in you would only understand once you are at that phase in your life. Until then will you only understand the deeper meaning of the love of the parents. Regardless if you came from a bad parenting or a traumatic child experience, I believe, there are still some great facets of your parents that you would like to carry out as  a parent yourself – ideally or maybe partially.

Happy Quarantine Father's Day 2020 - Chesz Dylan

Being a father is not similar to being a mother. Sometimes if not often times, these dissimilarities affects or contributes to the welfare of the children. God created fathers and mothers for a specific role and specific purpose in the different areas of child development. However, with the breaking of the norm in the past decades, these roles are impacting most of the millennial children and Gen Z children of today. These impacts are affecting the sociological, intellectual and emotional views both in positive and negative ways.

With the on-going debates in child psychology, more children have shifted to a more pronounce and lax upbringing. Gender roles and expression, conservative and strict disciplining, gender equality, privacy, personal choices, and political motivated ideologies among college students are some of the issues that has long been circulating. However, this era unlike its predecessors have been more liberating and expressive, breaking the stereotypes while challenging these issues.


During The Covid 19 Crisis

Covid 19 pandemic have invaded not just the health sectors in the government and communities, but it invaded the livelihood and financial stability of each families, to the point of losing jobs and income, and soon bankruptcy. Who are mostly affected by this? Who are mostly the breadwinners of the families? The fathers, the foundation of the family. I know some of you might raise a brow, but I just want to be more general, we all know that most of us have had fathers.

This pandemic (aside from the previous pandemics like Spanish flu etc) is something I might assume as the most difficult time for millennial fathers. This is the most burdensome event in raising a family, in sustaining finances and needs for the family, more stressful than combined recession and losing a job.

Dads In Different Clothing

I didn’t literally mean the clothes worn by our dads. These are the single moms (or parents, father figures) that are working hard by themselves and at the same time raising their children. Like the fathers, they too carry the weight on their shoulders on how to provide for their families’ needs during this crisis. With dads having difficulties in this trial times, what more are these moms who are working their asses off to meet everyday needs?

The Essence Of The Father’s Day

Despite all these challenges, we should be thankful that our families have no corona virus and are thriving everyday. I know how hard it is to remain positive while listening to all the bad news and saddening covid 19 updates in different countries. I know how hard it feels to avoid giving alms, instead of helping other people. I know how tough it is looking for financial aid or jobs that will get you through the day for the past 3 months or so. These are possible because of the dads and father figures who are working hard to live especially during this crisis. Those efforts can never be done unconditionally, but it became possible by our dads.

So today, as we celebrate the Father’s Day,  I would like to at least encourage you my dear readers to tap your dads, maybe in their shoulders or backs, and tell them how grateful you are of having a special and hard working dad like them. Most dads might not reciprocate since men are biologically created to show less emotions or father figures don’t want to show their frailty but I am definitely sure it was highly appreciated.

Father's Day 2020 In The Midst Of The Pandemic - Chesz Dylan

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and father figures around the globe. Dads, you are appreciated, you are loved, you are doing great in providing your family’s needs. You are your children’s super hero, your wife’s shoulder to lean on and your daughter’s first guy best friend. Please remain strong, positive and happy despite the challenges of covid 19 crisis.

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