14 Stand-Out Halloween Costumes And Amazon Bestsellers 2019


Just in time for the Halloween Season

It’s dark themed with vampires, ghosts, anabelle, freddie, sadako and other bloody costumes inspired from famous horror movies. And everyone is prepping up for their make-ups and other horror effects for the coming Halloween. Thinking of attending such event? Why not try out these Halloween costumes exclusive at Amazon to stand-out in the crowd? Thinking of what creative ideas you will decorate for your house this Halloween? Well, we got you covered. However, be aware that these aren’t the Halloween costumes you would likely see every Halloween. Amazon Prime has recently released its Trending Halloween Bestsellers of 2019, so be sure to check out your Amazon Store.

1- Skeleton Jumpsuit

If you want to emanate the Coco vibe, you can definitely try out this skeleton jumpsuit. Amazon offer different color variants. Want the rainbow vibe? Go get it! Here

2- Peanut Butter And Jelly Set

Outrageous Halloween costumes for you and your hun. This is not your typical Halloween costume but the fun wearing it with your partner is priceless. Here

“Haunt your course with these Halloween deals!” Here

3- Inflatable Unicorn Costume

Hello unicorn! The common mascot these days. Loving the rainbow color? I’m sure you will love this too. Here

4- Ayliss Zentai Unisex Costume

The vibe of this costume is simple but will definitely get anyone’s attention. Loving the black? So, go blacken yourself and feel the power of the shadow army. Here


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5- Scary Shadow Demon Costume

Want to be an alien for the day? This Halloween costume will make you feel like one of the descendant of ET. Here

6- Green Orc Jaw Monster Costume

Go green with these lively green suit and feel the vibe of orc monsters. Here

7- Vampire Bat Costume

Familiar with PJ Masks? The trio composed of Catboy, Owlette and Gecko. This costume will make you looked like Owlette’s long lost cousin.😅 Here

8- Emoticon Costume

Would you love to emanate one of well-loved emojis? Wearing this will draw attention and for sure, they will like you and send friend request. Here

9- Pink Flamingo Costume

Move out rainbow unicorn homies, pink flamingo is attention-seeker and it will definitely steal the unicorn’s limelight. As the saying goes, “real men wear pink”. Here


10- Octopus Air Blow Up Costume

Want to make your own costume statement? Let the crowd know that you’re a beach bum and beach is life with this outrageous and colorful costume. You are more than welcome to replace Squidward. Here

11- Parrot Blow Up Costume

Striking color will give you a 10-second fame among the bunch of normal costume goers. A dash of blue to liven up the party with this costume. Here

12- Sale Halloween Costume

Run away, everyone will grab the hell out of you. You are the crowd’s favorite but every businesses’ nightmare. The party is on sale! Here

13- Piñata Costume

If you got the unicorn, well, we got the pinata. Colorful, rainbow and lively. It’s up to you what to choose. Here

14- Novelty Sneaker Costume

Partner in crime? Hell yeah! It’s fun and funky at the same time. If you and your partner are both a vintage sneaker fans, this one is gold. Thank me later. Here

Amazon Bestsellers 2019

This is your latest list of Amazon Prime’s Halloween bestsellers. As much as I want to share all of the items, I will just pick those items that are handy and a thing this Halloween.


What Halloween costumes have you liked so far? Tell us in the comments below.

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21 thoughts on “14 Stand-Out Halloween Costumes And Amazon Bestsellers 2019

  1. Interesting post! Some of these costumes might be a bit ‘out there’ for me, but others are pretty cool.

    1. Yea, I know. I did mention that it isn’t something common like Spiderman, witches or the common things you can see people wear during Halloween.😅

  2. What a great group of costumes, I think my favorites are the vampire bat and the colorful skeleton suit. Thanks for sharing all of these.

  3. Oh my gosh – these are hilarious! I’m usually not into costumes at all, but I’d love to be a sandwich….or a sneaker….or….I cannot choose, they are all soooo funny!

  4. Green Orc Jaw Monster Costume looks interesting but I think it would scare my 3 year old students. I usually dress something cute for them.

  5. Wow. Love all these costumes. I am so tempted to buy the jelly and peanut butter costume. Vampire bat and pinnata are good options too.

  6. These are really cute ideas! I’d personally wear the flamingo or unicorn costumes! I actually saw the Unicorn costume in Tokyo and I swear to god I was so tempted to buy it.

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