Philippines’ Online Shopping Showdown: Lazada VS Shopee

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I was actually thinking of making this comparison back then but I often forgotten. And I feel like, it’s not the right time yet. Fast forward, now that I think about it, I came to the conclusion that this has to be the right time. Not because I have an issue with Shopee as of this writing. Curious? I will tell you my experience. But for now, this post needs to be done. (Haha).



In some countries particularly United States, online shopping has been implemented and it actually worked quite well. With such big names like Amazon of US and Alibaba of China, these are legit testimonies of how a one-man force became the world’s richest billionaire in the persona of Jeff Bezos of Amazon. But of course, there will be online shopping horror stories and failures. I believed it’s actually happening but just a few isolated cases. Regardless of whether you are in the first world or third world countries, these incidents are evident. Through social media alone, one can easily post his sentiment against a normal person, a celebrity or a corporation. It might a hassle for the opposing end but on a regular basis, it helps a lot so people can be easily informed for any anomalies and fraudulent acts.

Lazada App

Shopee App

Okay, I know for a fact that there are advantages and disadvantages with the use of social media. But this article intend to give light about the posts, and reviews of this online shopping fiasco. Those are legit, guys. It’s not meant to degrade or tarnish anyone’s reputation. Online shopping fails are failures. Period. They’re not hoax. It’s not made up stories, unless either of the party have had pending criminal records or convicted with a related crime.


Legit Online Shopping Failures

I tried to search a hashtag in Instagram #onlineshoppingfail and yep, the tell tales of unhappy, dissatisfied and morbid online shoppers. Their excitement that turned into a disaster. It’s actually happening and as a consumer, this is an issue we need to addressed and stopped. Exposing scammers, fake items, failed delivery and failed products are important. Yea, I get it! You got the money, so what? This is for ordinary people who worked there ass off just to save that amount. Just as the world have had their fair share of online shopping horrors, the Phillipines is no exemption.

Instagram – #onlineshoppingfail

Online Shopping In The Philippines

The rise of online shopping in the Philippines flourished in the recent years. Two of the giant online shopping companies in the Philippines are battling it out for the online shopping supremacy. To start of, Lazada is one of the actual pioneer of the online shopping industry. Thanks to this company, the online shopping industry had shown potential and Filipinos are just as busy and hardworking as our international neighbors. Reigned for 3 years until the existence of Shopee came head to head against Lazada. For your information, both Lazada and Shopee are primarily a Singapore-based e-commerce platform.


Lazada Philippines

Type of businessPrivate
Founded27 March 2012; 7 years ago
Area servedInternational
OwnerAlibaba Group
Founder(s)Alexander Samwer, Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer
Key peoplePeng Lei (Executive Chairwoman)
Pierre Poignant (CEO)
(Online shopping)
Websitewww.lazada.com (corporate)
Alexa rank 36,775 (September 2018)



Shopee Philippines

Type of siteSubsidiary
Available inEnglish
Founded2015; 4 years ago
Headquarters5 Science Park Drive, Shopee Building, Singapore 118265
Area servedAsia
ParentSea Limited (NYSE: SE)
Websiteshopee.sg (Singapore)
shopee.com.my (Malaysia)
shopee.ph (Philippines)
shopee.co.id (Indonesia)
shopee.co.th (Thailand)


Products: Lazada Vs Shopee

Lazada has its own share of product lines. Being ahead of the online shopping industry in the Philippines compared to Shopee, they have a robust  selection of both generic and branded items through LazMall or Lazada Mall. These branded items are also offering discounts where some are Lazada’s exclusive deals. That being said, having some of the branded names in the industry is a one point feat against its competitor.
However, not everyone came to these online shops to look for the branded names. Despite that those are legit brands, it also reflects the prices of their items. Believe it or not, most of the shoppers aren’t even interested in these branded items. Some are sellers that venture into online business. These sellers bring their products  under Lazada or Shopee. So technically, these two companies are just mediums benefitting from these sellers’ products.
Now what’s the edge of Shopee against Lazada? Despite that Lazada came out first and they have branded items under their belt, Shopee has managed to exceeded the amount of products that Lazada are selling. That was their greatest feat considering that they are younger than Lazada. They don’t have specific categories for branded items but Shopee has legit sellers that also offer branded items. It just so happened that the categories of Shopee are more generic, unorganized and they don’t have dedicated stores for branded items unlike Lazada. They have Celebrity Club, but I wouldn’t consider it as brands but it’s more of celebrity endorsing or celebrity own product selling. It maybe also because Shopee might have a loose business system and they just accept any sellers. Unlike Lazada who probably has more stricter guidelines limiting the same products. And just as I previously mentioned, online shopper’s generally don’t care about the brand as long as they liked it and the product isn’t so bad.
Winner: Shopee

Price: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is probably the major determining factor for some. But honestly, the prices of both Lazada and Shopee are almost the same or the marginal difference is too small to notice the difference. Unless if it’s a branded item. And the real reason is, it’s upon the sellers’ discretion of the amount they will incur. Lazada and Shopee doesn’t care about how these sellers are making their price list. However, there is a major factor why despite their prices are the same, yet, in terms of overall pricing one company doesn’t made the cut.
Winner: Both
Overall Pricing Winner: Lazada


Delivery: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is the major factor why Lazada stood out as the overall pricing winner. Why? Because of the delivery charge. These two doesn’t offer the same delivery charge. It’s worth noting that the base price of the products of these two are almost the same, and it’s solely dependent on the seller’s pricing. However, Shopee charges more than Lazada. The minimum delivery charge of Lazada is 50php compared to Shopee’s 100php minimum. So, despite that the base product prices are the same, as a consumer which will you prefer? Of course, I would choose the low delivery charge anytime of the day.
The delivery schedule is almost the same. But somehow, Lazada could make it by 2 days depending on the product you ordered. I’m saying this out of experience.
Winner: Lazada

Star Wars Authentics

Quality: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is something sort of a case to case basis if there are irregularities. Since most of their generic products are made from China, so you wouldn’t expect more or more disappointment. I am not against China products btw, as I do have products that I am using that are shipped from China. Just a clarification. There are incidents that even in countries like United States and China has failed in the product quality of their items.
Winner: Both

Service: Lazada Vs Shopee

This is now the about the part I mentioned earlier. I experienced bad service thrice in Shopee that I never experienced in Lazada. It’s about missing items. I can definitely justified this based on my personal experiences that sellers in Shopee are twice as bad as in Lazada. And they suck in service as much as the sellers in Lazada. As of this writing, I have an on-going dispute case against one of Shopee’s seller in China. The bad part is, I am their regular customer. The Shopee is handling it professionally but still, a bad service is a bad service. I don’t tolerate a bad service.
Winner: Lazada

Vouchers And Promotions: Lazada Vs Shopee

When it comes to promotion, the good about these two is that, both of them are like actively interacting with one another. Both are implementing the same promotional stints whether it’s a 10/10, Christmas sale, New Year’s sale, end of the month sale, end of the year sale, Halloween Sale and other sale you can think of. They are also offering Free Shipping for all the products worth 500php up ordered in the same seller and not generally as separate purchases from different sellers. They also have vouchers and discounts. But, again, what makes Lazada stand out is, it has promos and discounts in its branded items.
Winner: Lazada


SHOPEE 10/10


Lazada: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Shopee: ⭐⭐⭐
I don’t discourage you to use Shopee just because they earned a lower rating from me. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whose service you are satisfied, whose products caters your preference, whose delivery are you comfortable and the list goes on. I for one, use these two online shopping companies. I go for Lazada for the same product I am using but with lower delivery charge. And I also order in Shopee for the products I am using that aren’t found in Lazada.

What are your online shopping horror stories? Let’s talk it out in the comment section.

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Disclaimer: Neither Lazada nor Shopee paid me for doing this review.

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