The Father in Me

Working in the daytime, tired at night;
My weary soul took the yoke from the busy corporate world tonight.
"Hush my darling, rest in my arms," said my wife.
"Allow me to ease your body pain, you've been working hard your entire life."

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At the age of eighteen, I was suddenly committed to a responsibility,
A child was born, out of carnal desire and curiosity.
We were both young, wild, free and eighteen,
Call it a fling, a debauchery or unbridled indulgence of passion.
Caressing my forehead, "Oh what a relief!" I muttered.
Her soft hands tapping my head, my heart fluttered;
For that brief moment, I felt the warmth of her love,
That I am the father of her children, they are the treasures that I have.

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A part of me was eaten by the corporate society,
Needless to say, I am a nobody to my family.
My children grew up and I lose track of time,
In the eyes of my children, I feel like I have committed a crime.
The suppposed-to-be-sundays are not our usual family days,
From Mondays to Saturdays, I am out and returned to our bed only to lay.
Our typical breakfast is a morning race to work,
While dinners are past eleven, just sleeping at the nook.

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I work so hard, but I feel like dissatisfied and unhappy,
Everything was out of place, broken relationships, my life is a mess!
I only realized today when people greeted each other a happy father's day,
That there was a father in me, that I wasn't able to see.

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This is a message to the busy dads, who worked so hard but compromised their family’s relationship. Make a time for your family, especially to your children. They will be only children once, so at least, make the most out of it.

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