Photo: [L-R] Fr. Carmelo Carreon, KKSBFI Romyl Junio, Mrs. Julie Fernandez, Dr. Henry Fernandez, Mayor Cezar Quiambao, Mrs. Niña Quimbao, Arch. Jerry Suratos and Fr. Allen Romero  

By Chester Capua (Weekly Good News)

Bayambang – A press conference for the upcoming Bayambang Pista’y Baley that will run from  April 1-8, 2019, and the upcoming inauguration of the much-awaited, record-breaking bamboo-supported sculpture of St. Vincent Ferrer was held at Mayor Quiambao’s SVV residence last Saturday, March 16, 2019.

Present in the press conference are Bayambang Mayor Cezar Quiambao and his wife, Mrs. Niña Quiambao, Consultant Fr. Carmelo Carreon, Kasama Kita sa Barangay Foundation Inc (KKSBFI) Executive Director Romyl Junio, Hermana Mayor Mrs. Julie Fernandez, Hermano Mayor Dr. Henry Fernandez, Project Manager Arch. Jerry Suratos and St. Vincent Parish Priest Fr. Allen Romero.


With this year’s theme, “Bayang Pinagtibay ng Pagkakaisa at Pananampalataya laban sa Kahirapan” and the mayor’s BPRP 10-year action plan against poverty, Bayambang has grown into a highly- progressive and well-developed municipality within the past years. Much to be thankful for the successes and accomplishments of the town is the guidance of their guardian saint, Bayambang’s patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer where Bayambang will celebrate the 400th founding anniversary of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish Church and the patron saint’s 600th  death anniversary. The Jubilee celebration will take place this coming April 2019, and the municipality of Bayambang will set to attempt a Guinness World Record of “The tallest bamboo supported structure” in the world.

Measuring with a physical height of fifty-one meters (51m); 3,470 total number of polygons; 222 segments and cuts; 4, 124.26 sqm surface area; 767 rings; 60 tons total weight of bamboo panels made of medium carbonized bamboo cladding and steel; with a volume of 768.99 cu. m; 22,626 total numbers of bamboo panels used and 60.10 meters from the foundation level. It was said to be “Higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York City”, and will rise as a part of the sixty-seven (67) hectares soon-to-be-developed new town at Brgy. Bani, Bayambang. The tallest image of St. Vincent Ferrer will be unveiled on the night of April 5, 2019, but a grand thanksgiving and fiesta mass, and a grand procession will take place prior to the inauguration of the statue.

“We are creating a landmark for people to remember and for Bayambang to be recognized all over the world,” announced Mayor Quiambao during the groundbreaking of the statue last year. Bayambang has conquered the world and placed the municipality on the map, as it broke the Guinness World Record title for the Longest Barbecue at eight (8) kilometers overthrowing the previous record set by Turkey.


Meanwhile, at 3 p.m on March 27, 2019, the first day of the nine-day novena, a Holy Door at St. Vincent Ferrer Parish Church that was granted by the Vatican in Rome will be ceremoniously opened by Most Rev. Soc Villegas. It is for pilgrims who will pass through the door, that they may gain the indulgence attached with the Jubilee celebration.

“In my six (6) decades of existence, my whole life has been spent around Bayambang. I am a living witness of how man-made and natural tragedies tried to ruin our living. I have experienced extreme floods brought about by devastating typhoons. Earthquakes also shook our house and we even came to a point of losing all our properties. But every time, I and my family prayed to our Almighty through the intercession of St. Vincent, I feel that we get enlightened of what these catastrophes are meant for. A faithless person would readily lose faith and would surrender, but constant prayer and devotion make one’s faith stronger for him to understand that all of these challenges are wake-up calls for stronger faith. With this, we understand that no matter what rains or quakes come, our faith and devotion are our great refuge against whatever challenges come along the way. And we thank our patron saint for this divine intercession and guidance,” testified by Imelda Cayabyab, a devotee of St. Vincent Ferrer.

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