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Generation by generation, people have shown great developments in skin care and beauty. From the famous beauty regimen secrets of Cleopatra to the Advance Science in nanotechnology about facials, anti-aging and beauty aesthetics, the trend and technology will never stop anytime soon. Innovative skin procedures such as Dermalinfusion® is a professional exfoliation treatment that naturally trigger skin’s wound-healing phase. Combined with natural powerful serums, it delivers potent nourishment to the skin, removing the dead outer protective layer, called stratum corneum. Its patented 3-in-1 technology device exfoliates, extracts and infuses for radiant and rejuvenated skin delivering precise skin benefits.

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Similar to microdermabrasion skin treatment, dermal infusion is non-invasive mechanical exfoliating treatment, but without the use of any chemicals. What makes it different is that, this treatment is using a patented technology that draws out skin’s impurities with a system that exfoliates with different treatment tips while infusing topical solutions simultaneously.



Dermalinfusion, (also known as Silkpeel®), is a treatment that improves the overall appearance of the skin. It causes the deep living skin layer to create a new skin cell, as it expels anything that is stored in the skin, and pushes it to the skin’s surface. Individuals suffering from acne, oily-prone skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, large pores, congestion, mild wrinkles and rough skin textures, are great candidates for this treatment. Hydrating the dry skin, while giving that refreshing complexion.

Dermalinfusion delivers a patient-specific solutions directly to the skin. The treatment is non-invasive and soothing; delivering the results you want without any harsh chemicals or uncomfortable treatment. However, patients suffering from diabetes, history of cold sores, autoimmune diseases or have had injectable fillers in the area to be treated needs consultation before performing the procedure. The treatment is a 30-minute procedure and patients can return to their activities immediately without any hassle. Prior to any medical or skin procedures, all potential risks and side effects will be discussed with you by your medical provider. Overall, all types of skin can expect great benefits from this procedure.



Your skin care professional will choose the specialized formulation to address your skin condition. Some patients can experience mild exfoliation and tightening of the skin. Extraction deep cleans and helps detoxify tissues. After the treatment, there is no downtime with the dermalinfusion. Visible effects can be seen. Increased circulation improves healing and skin functions. You will experience smoother softer skin volumized with a healthy and radiant glow. To maintain its long lasting results while protecting the skin, the use of a sunscreen lotion is advised.  Dermalinfusion® is the perfect solution for that healthy, youthful, vibrant and rejuvenated skin goals like no other.

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