Whether it be Dramarama or GMA Primetime, we can’t help ourselves to switch our Television and watch our favorite teleseryes. Nowadays, the contents had been calibrated to cater International audience as the competition among these stations are becoming more intense. From CGI and 3D rendering effects, to props using 3D Printing, to Cinematography using drones that could capture 4k resolutions, to Musical Scoring and Screenplay. From indie budget to expensive budget like Game of Thrones, television landscape had never been this more creative, more challenging and more diverse that could level that of international calibers.

But one key element from these will always remain. An unchartered region that highlights other elements like acting prowess and magnify the entirety of the drama. These are storytellers that evolved from nuisance, to masters. These are people who can justify a show or drama through their creative imaginations. Once unknown individuals that later became a brand and basis of a masterpiece creation. These are writers.

Among the roosters of great writers in his generation, Arjay Nuevas, a household brand and the genius behind Anna Karenina, Innamorata, Impostora and Villa Quintana. Creative Head of GMA’s Primetime Shows like Ang Dalawang Mrs Real, Once Again, Niño and My Destiny.

Arjay Nuevas(also credited as Robert Joseph Nuevas) a certified Noranian, Regine Alcasid and Madonna fanatic. Not a fan of horror movies. An Anti- Marcos but Duterte apologist. A Filipino television writer and film writer. He is a resident writer of GMA Network. He has adapted, for television, three of Carlo J. Caparas’ graphic novels: Bakekang in 2006, Kamandag in 2007 and Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang in 2009. He is also writing the screenplay for the big-budget movie adaptation of Caparas’ most famous work: Ang Panday.

Aside from his Television materpieces, some people aren’t aware that he is also a Wattpad Writer and a Published Author in Amazon. Thus, he deserved to be featured in our article.

His famous works are The Wrong Mr. Right, Bad Boy in Bed (Book 1), Edge on Top (Book 2), Edge in Command (Book 3), The Haunted Wife, Yesterday’s Lover and Angel on Fire. Some of those books in Amazon has established its titles. Sir Arjay Nuevas, was kind enough to accept our interview despite his busy schedule.

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Here are our Questions:

1- Who is Arjay Nuevas as a writer?
A- As a writer: intuitive; writes from the gut.

2- Wattpad or Amazon?
A- Both, because both let me write intuitively and without inhibitions, without limitations. Pure creativity, pure bliss as a writer.

3- What motivates you to write?
A- The characters in my head. They are pushing me to write their stories. They don’t let me rest until I let their voices be heard.

4- What was your turning point when you realized you want to be a writer?
A- We had a neighbor who happened to be a komiks editor. I glanced upon a sample komiks script before that, so I tried writing komiks and it went well so that was the beginning. The physical turning point. Hadn’t we had a neighbor who was an editor, I might not have been a writer. But who knows?

5- As an experienced writer, where do you think an amateur writer should focus on?
A- A new writer should listen to the voices of characters in his head. I’ve always likened a writer to a recorder or annotator, or typist if you like; a writer just records the dialogues of the characters in his head. A writer is a bit schizophrenic in a way.

6- How do you handle writer’s block?
A- As far as I can remember, there was just only one instance that I had writer’s block. I was in love that time and I was waiting for my lover to come home so I was not able to write the whole day. I was just staring at a blank computer page. I am lucky that I don’t usually have writer’s block. My problem is the exact opposite. I have so many stories in my head and I don’t have the time or the platform to write them all.

7- How do you handle criticism?
A- I’ve had my share of criticisms. I give myself five minutes to wallow and get depressed because of those criticisms. But after five minutes, that’s it, done. No more wallowing. I just try to learn from my mistakes then move on. On to the next deadline or next story. I don’t allow my being a writer define me as a person.

8- What do you think was your greatest struggle when you were starting to write? Have you overcome it?
A- I am lucky I never had that much struggles and problems or obstacles when I was starting. Everything was so breezy. From komiks to tv to movies, all the opportunities came my way very easily. I thank God and providence for that. But I made sure to work harder because of that. I read a lot, I watch a lot. Up to now, I keep on studying. I read books on writing, whether for novel writing or scriptwriting.

9- What is(are) your bad habit(s) when writing?
A- Procrastination? But not really. I allow myself to procrastinate a bit but I always still meet my deadlines. Aside from a bit of procrastinating, I don’t think I have other bad habits, modesty aside.

10- What is your take on the issue about plagiarism?
A- I don’t plagiarize. Those who do are not real writers. A real writer is like a well that has an infinite supply of stories that it is unnecessary to copy other people’s work. I do the opposite. I give away concepts.

11- As a fellow Wattpad writer, what do you prefer. A cliche plot with many views or an unconventional plot with least views? Why?
A- Views? As in people who read the stories? Of course it is nice if many people read your work. But your happiness should not depend on how many actually do read them. Unless you write because you want to have as many reads or views. My wattpad story right now doesn’t have that much readers but what can I do? I am writing Yesterday’s Lover to release the story of those characters in my head. Whether it has many readers or not, writing it has served its purpose. To tell that story.

12- What are the common things between The Wrong Mr Right and Yesterday’s Lover?
A- Common things between THE WRONG MR RIGHT and YESTERDAY’S LOVER? None, I think. One is light and hetero romcom, the other is serious and gay love and a bit of sci fi.

13- As a creative writer, are you contented on your works? Say, Anna Karenina. Do you think you have given your best in this drama? Why?
A- As a writer, I am seldom content. When I watch a movie or a tv series I wrote, I am very critical with myself. I always think: I should’ve made that character more funny or I should’ve delayed the conflict, etc. The Wrong Mr Right is a bit of an exception. I liked what I wrote there, to think there was not much editing done on my part.

14- What was the most difficult drama you have written? Why?
A- There was just one teleserye that I found difficult to write. THE LAST PRINCE, the one starring Aljur Abrenica. I don’t know why but I couldn’t seem to make it work. I asked the help of all the creative people of GMA (Suzette Doctolero, Dode Cruz, Jun Lana, Kit Langit, Des Severino, Denoy Punio)…twice! We had dinner twice for them to help me na mapatayo ang pilot episode. Thank God I was able to do it naman and it rated quite well.

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15- In all your works be it on TV or Wattpad, who is the character that best describes you? Why?
A- Character that best decribes me? Parang wala. Those characters are not extensions of my persona. They are characters existing in my head. Kung pipilitin ako for an answer, siguro yung mga characters na funny. Like the original character of Karen in Anna Karenina, or a bit of Welcome in THE WRONG MR RIGHT. I joke a lot.

16- Within the years of your writing career, what genre are you most comfortable? Why?
A- I like writing komiks drama (Anna Karenina, Impostora, Sana ay Ikaw na Nga) or fantasy drama (Luna Mystica, Enamorata, Majika, etc)

17- In one sentence, what advice can you give to aspiring writers?
A- WRITE!!!!! 🙂

Arjay Nuevas, a man who is willing to share his thoughts and concepts for other writers. Who doesn’t care whether someone reads his works or not. As long as he can release those creative inputs inside his head that motivates him to write more. A very intuitive writer who writes from his gut. And one of the most-prized possessions of GMA Network.

Mr. Arjay Nuevas was kind enough to give us a video clip greeting for Wattpad Writer’s Guild. Thank you Sir!

Watch it Here:

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