Anthology: Death by Affair

Anthology: Death by Affair (Timeless Pieces of the Scribblers)
Author: Chesz Dylan©
Genre: Thriller; Psychological; Romance



   Erick is a high caliber lawyer. Catherine is the Hollywood’s sweetheart. He is the pivotal hero of order. She is the quintessential image of hidden harlotry. And then.. they had a hidden whirlwind romance.

   Markizo, a young persistent democrat who had a liking with the Hollywood’s sweetheart will turn the table for the two lovers.

   An unrequited proposal. A hidden psychopath. A remorseful vengeance awaits. It started in the summer but ended bloody. It started as a hidden relationship but ended in a gruesome death by affair.

©Credit to the image being used. It is not its actual cover

2 thoughts on “Anthology: Death by Affair

    1. It’s an anthology book and one of the story includes my work Death by Affair. It’s a suspense story of what can a person do because of love.

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