2 Millimeters per Second

Anthology: 2 Millimeters per Second

Author: Chesz Dylan©
Genre: Romance; Inspirational


   Cindy, a woman who never had a boyfriend will finally experience L.❤.V.E in a hapless event to an alcoholic punk.

   Justin, an alcoholic, depressed, disoriented and insensitive guy who can’t move-on from his previous relationship.

   One snowy Christmas Eve. Two love-searching individuals sought comfort to one another.
Was it a sudden one-sided love? Or perhaps an unknown mutual feeling? An unforeseen revelation awaits them.

©Credit to the image being used. It is not its actual cover

2 thoughts on “2 Millimeters per Second

    1. Hahaha. Thank you. I don’t often come up with a cliched title. It is worth reading and knowing what is this measurement title about once you read the anthology.

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